The profession of Doctors was a respected one once.People used to see a doctor with lot of respect and they were no less than God for them.People had full faith in Doctors.

But today,this profession is going through a major setback.I see people talking ill about the doctors and  it seems as if all the respect that people had for this profession has just vanished.

Daily,I see viral videos where doctor is maltreated in one or the other way.A mob comes and attacks a doctor in the hospital.If the patient dies,a doctor is blamed for that even if doctor treats him properly.This is happening everywhere in India.

Now the question is who is at fault?What happened suddenly that a respected profession is undergoing a major setback?Why nobody thinks about doctors?

I was attending my posting in hospital and suddenly my professor who is opthalmologist and from army background started the discussion on this topic.He was asking about our views and one by one he asked from each and everybody.

Afterwards,he shared his views.He told us that doctors are competing for the patients among themselves.If one patient goes to a Doctor, suppose the doctor gives him medicine Ofloxacin ( Antibiotic).If he consults another doctor,now that doctor changes the medicine and gives Ciprofloxacin (another antibiotic of same group).Both the medicines belong to same group.There is no difference.The patient was going to be cured in 5 days .When he goes to another doctor on day 3,the doctor prescribes different medicine of the same group and criticizes another doctor.The patient gets cured in 2 days.He has taken the treatment for 5 days.Now he thinks that the second doctor is better.This is happening in this profession now.

Some Doctors are competing among themselves.And it’s not only doctors who are at fault.Somewhere the common man is to be blamed also.The attack on doctors in this Pandemic when doctors and our Corona warriors are struggling each day is just pathetic.Doctors are not God.Each doctor tries to treat patient within his limit and applies all the knowledge.Each doctor tries to save the patient.

Some of the doctors have not seen their families for months in this pandemic.They just stay 24×7 in the hospital.Doctors are staying away from their Children,Parents and their loved ones.They too have families.Why we become so selfish sometimes.This pandemic has made us realise the importance of Doctors.Today, Doctors are no less than  soldiers.This pandemic is battlefield and doctors are soldiers.However,still there is great need that people respects this profession and doctors don’t misuse this profession.

Lets bring a transformation in our thinking.Kuch thoda hum karein aur kuch doctors karein.Please support the Doctors.Everybody is going through a tough time.But Please your support can help so much and please do contribute a bit.

Thank u


Yours Ripandeep ❤️