The universe is a huge ocean of supreme consciousness. It has immense knowledge wrapped in itself and it has capability of sourcing the knowledge. It has destined to experience that knowledge to the every part of itself. The greatest procedure has emerged in this universe because of this motive, I.e., Divide and Merge. A part of the supreme consciousness will get separated and called as soul. The soul will have aim to experience the each and every piece of knowledge in this universe. To achieve that the soul has to do a long journey to merge again into the Supreme. Each and every soul have a unique journey Although it’ll acquire same knowledge but the way it experience  differes. The supreme wants to be with the soul all the way to finish it’s jouney. So the supreme created five root elements initially (air, water, sky, earth and fire). The Supreme has attained many figures by using these five elements. All these figures are almost equal to supreme itself. These figures are uniquely adjusted in certain positions to destined for specific duties. The greatest  structure has formed in the universe with these figures known as human. Once it’s ready journey has began. A soul consciousness has separated from it’s supreme and entered into human structure. The soul is pure and it’s the life force. Cont…. 

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