If you’ve ever visited a marina or a shipping port, you may have seen a sign that read, ‘Leave no wake! Dead slow!’ This warning means to exit the area in your craft as gently as possible. Do not create waves behind your vessel that would cause other parked vessels to bump (crash) into one another. A careless captain can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in just moments by proceeding too fast away from the dock.

Most people on this planet are living in the “wake” of their past intentions. Many folks have left behind an enormous trail of waves that are causing continual damage to their environment and the people they care about.

When I hear people say they want to create something new, many times it’s because they are dissatisfied with what is. Before you venture to manifest something more in your life, please remember that your ultimate challenge is to accept things precisely how they are; in this life or one to follow. That being said, here’s the fastest way I’ve found to manifest anything within this reality.

Take a good look at your life at this moment. What you can sense in your environment, the things you can see, touch, smell, taste, and feel, is the accumulation of what you’ve intended since your Soul separated from the Oneness of Divinity. Your thoughts have always become the things in your incarnations through your intentions. God made the sandbox, and you’ve made (and destroyed) every castle. If you’re going to change the things in your life, you must change what you are intending.

Realize that no one wants a thing for the thing itself. Everyone wants something for the way they imagine it will make them feel. No one desires money for the paper itself. Always it’s wanted for what people think it can do for them. Money is a tool and a medium. Intentions are focused through it. Money is the power to manifest quickly in positive or negative ways. It’s always the means and never the end.

Take buying a car, for example. Some people want reliable transportation, while middle-aged, divorced men want to be noticed by younger women. Many Mercedes and BMW have been sold to someone who can’t afford them to impress their friends. When selecting a home, does a person do it to look good in others’ eyes, or do they choose the minimum they need to live a simple life of seva (service)? Emotion lies behind all intention.

Why do you want what you want? How do you believe the things you desire will make you feel? Secure? Full of pleasure? Blissful? Powerful? Sexy? Needed? Satisfied? Important? Acceptance? Peaceful? Content?

If you get the relationship you want, how will you feel? If you start a new business and it’s successful, what will your first emotion be each morning? If you never worry about financial things again, will you truly be content? If you lose those extra pounds and get more attention from suitors, will you be satisfied with life? If you have more money than you can spend, what mark will you leave on the planet? Behind everything you desire is a feeling you wish to dwell within.

Remember this equation: Thought Emotion = Intention.

Make a list of the top things you want in life and the emotion(s) that you believe those items will create within you when you obtain them. You must be brutally honest about your motivation behind your desire. The more you lie to yourself, the more you delay your manifestation. Here are some examples:

1) New House – (I will feel) My parents pride that I “made it.”
2) Mini Van – (I will feel) Happy I have room for the kids not to sit next to each other and fight.
3) Lose 20 pounds – (I will feel) Sexy for the new receptionist to notice me.
4) Promotion – (I will feel) Excited that I won and John lost! That guy seriously bugs me!
5) Computer – (I will feel) Grateful I’m able to do my work faster.
6) New Business – (I will feel) Free, to no longer be working for someone else!
7) Relationship – (I will feel) Wanted and desired.

Maybe some things make you feel multiple emotions. Write them all down following whatever the thing is that you desire as above. Then for at least thirty days, you need to read that list to yourself (out loud) to make sure you sincerely want AND feel the things you’ve stated. Make edits along the way as needed. By the end of this exercise, you should be looking at a list of things you are in love with in one way or another.

Using your list, search for the best images you can find cause you to feel the way you want to feel. If you want to be in a relationship, you might choose an image of the person you imagine for your future. If you want a new home, you might select a photo of a house that is the style you wish to obtain. Maybe you want a promotion, and a corner office photo makes you feel successful? Discover images that invoke the emotions on your list in the most robust fashion. You can use internet sources and print them or cut and clip them from magazines.

Post those images in your environment in as many places as you are able. Put them at home in the places you most reside – kitchen, bathroom mirror, living room on the TV. Post them at work discreetly on your desk. Even post them in your car so you can see them as you travel around. The more you post, the faster you will manifest whatever it is you desire. I suggest making the images as large as you dare.

Once the images are posted, all you must do to manifest your desires is fantasize that they already exist. Imagine how in love you feel with the things that you’ve chosen as many times a day as you can. See yourself behind the wheel of whatever car feeling satisfied—dream about sitting on your new couch in your new home financially secure and content. Think about how it must feel to be with a person who appreciates you for who you are. Visualize the grateful look on your face as your children graduate from university. Whatever makes you feel love, fantasize about that, using the images as constant reminders.

I assure you that in thirty-plus years of spiritual study, I’ve found no method more rapid or effective in shifting the reality we are sharing. For more than twenty years, I’ve been creating what I desired using this method. As you run after material things, please remember this – nothing in this reality can give you more clarity, satisfaction, and contentment than easing suffering.

Om Swami said, “Always remember, you are what you think, but you become what you love.” His wisdom is beautifully flawless.

About ninety days ago, my wife moved into a new home we imagined using the process mentioned above. Frankly, it took about six months to manifest. We’ve never been more content with a home in our eight years together. We chose four images for our bedroom walls, which is where we spend much of our time. I wanted to share them with you as I encourage you to manifest your Divine desires and become what you love.

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