Success and happiness are milestones each one of us is dying for, but few of us are fortunate to taste it. Each day of our life poses challenges to overcome and battles to win and we unarmed soldiers usually fails miserably. When I say unarmed I don’t mean to undermine the effort each of us put in but yes we lack the real weapons we require to fight with.

Chapter 1 – I am the One, world knows

Manthan.. 1

Naveen in his 18years was an average youth flowering on Indian soil. Coming from a middle class family he was bound with numerous pressures of shining in all he does. Since childhood he was facing competition which he never wished for. Parents and even teachers pushed him to be the best despite knowing only one can be best. But he was too average, his mind and thoughts was never in sync with the expectations of the family. He was still a child who wanted to play, roam around with friends, try making girls as girlfriends and eat a lot and sleep. He also had cough issues which kept him on medicines for good part of life.
His parents were religious and was following strict discipline of prayer each morning. They instructed Naveen to follow suit, he did as a dutiful child but was never motivated for the same. He muttered prayers each day and at the end asked for boons in return. Sometimes he asked for good marks in board exams and sometimes for selection in IIT’s and sometimes you know what.
Due to his board exams he spent most of the times in school, tuition and more tuition’s. After putting all hard work, he was only able to score 68% of marks and it shattered him. Most of his friends who were also in same league got more marks than him. His parents were frustrated with Naveen and not sure what to do with this kid. Even Naveen was baffled, despite putting all efforts he got least marks among his friends.
Though he was a good kid and always wanted to do things which can make his parents proud but he was never able to do so. This was another example of letting his parents down. Besides he has always seen his parents as the victim of society because of their caste and financial conditions. He desperately wanted to showcase his muscles to the world. But he realized he don’t have any.
This time he wanted to prove his mettle by getting selected in IIT’s but yet again he felt short. He rose again and started preparation for second year but it seems life has opposite answers for him each time he poses a question. He failed again but fortunately able to get through state engineering college and his parents pursued him to join the same. He was not happy, not satisfied but what to do.
This time Naveen was very serious and wanted to outshine everybody. He started doing everything which can enhance his chances of winning. He started praying daily and asked only one boon i.e. success. He paid every attention to classes and ignored everything else. But life has its own tricks, a girl proposed him and he fall. It was a beautiful time but his mind and heart was in constant battle and most of the time his heart won. He did average in his exams and but his love story was going good. Now along with professional success he started asking for long love life with this girl from Ganesha each day.
Time passed quickly and suddenly in fourth year out of nothing his girl friend chooses to break away with him. He was surprised and was unable to comprehend the reason for the same. He pleaded constantly but she did not relent. He asked many questions to himself, question after question with no answer at plate. He even asked Ganesha but could not hear anything from him as well. Final year exams were in short time; and he was unable to take this. It started effecting his studies and finally as predicted he scored badly in exams. He did pass but marks did not justify the effort he put in throughout four years.
All this made Naveen cried multiple times and he started questioning everything. He doesn’t not know why it all happened, he did not commit any sin, performed prayer each day, studied hard, never cheated his girl friend and always avoided non-vegetarian food, then why? He was out of answers so recruiters were. He could not get selected in any of the companies which came for campus hiring. His parents were disheartened; they were seeing him as the angel who will weed of the average-ness from their life but he failed them. Naveen too was angry with himself and started seeking answers in Astrology. He started thinking that his luck is playing the spoilsport and stars are to be blamed for. He visited many astrologers who painted his luck with black with no life. And started believing each word they said and followed whatever they asked to do. In less time he adorned three beautiful rings each of different colors. He also started doing fast for two days in a week and this made Naveen a bit confident and enthusiastic for his future. Time passed by but he could not get through any job and not even his girl friend. With each passing day his frustration started increasing because now he doesn’t know what to do more. He is studying hard, doing everything which has been asked for but there were no results.
After spending more than a year in this wilderness he finally got something to hold on..a job. He was looking for the same from long time but not a kind he was wishing for. Nevertheless, it gave him hope and also a reason for his family to smile.
He started putting a lot of hard work in the job and was also appreciated but somewhere he was not satisfied and happy. He was working too hard to achieve success which can satisfy him but always felt short of feeling that bliss. Despite of lots of encouragement from bosses he did not got promotion or hike as he was expecting and this made him to move on. In less time he found another job with good salary and a position, but something in him was not happy. He was disengaged with whatever going on in his life and the first thing he resolved to get rid of the beautiful rings and the regime of prayer and worship.
This is hard time and it happens with most of us. The reasons may be different from Naveen’s but the outcome is same. And only at these moments we start questioning faith, religion, good deeds and morals. Because in our experience they were not good enough to bring satisfaction and happiness. We try all possible means, even tried to please the God with sweets and sacrifices but results are same. The real happiness eludes us and may be comforting others who gave dam to good deeds.
The same was happening with Naveen who is struggling to answers the questions his life is putting on. He had many dreams many of which did came true but all the time remained short of keeping him satisfied. His parents were although happy seeing his kid grow in job and but was unaware of the struggle within Naveen. He also hides away the sorrow within and continued the uninspiring job. With each day new questions added but answers were no-where near.

Chapter 2 – Know what you know

Manthan.. 2

Naveen was trying everything to understand the issues at hand and in this venture he once met a yogi at his friend’s residence.

Yogi personality was brimming with confidence and authority, face was dripping life to people sitting there and voice was mesmerizing each ear hearing him. There was an amazing attraction which Naveen was unable to understand. His logical mind was stopping him with various explanations and doubts but his heart was not listening him. There was something about this Yogi. He heard whatever he said during that small session at friend’s home but could not reasoned out because according to him whatever Yogi said was too hypothetical and too religious which his current state of mind doesn’t agrees with. However, Yogi’s personality did touched Naveen.

Yogi’s personality remained with Naveen and he was curious to know how Yogi reached this state and also if he can help him in his quest. But Naveen was reluctant to hear these inner voices because somewhere he knew Yogi will preach the same thing which his parents did throughout his life and therefore he ignored it for quite some time. He did enquire about Yogi from his friend and was curious to know more. And finally, a day came when he gave up to the call within and decided to meet this Yogi and so requested his friend to arrange for a meeting.

Naveen was having goose bumps before the meeting and was constantly thinking of the questions he had and the way he shall put in front of the yogi. But as soon as he stood in front of the Yogi he felt a freeze within and even forgot to greet the Yogi.

Yogi smiled and instead greeted Naveen and asked him to take the chair. Naveen sat and was dumbstruck.

Yogi asked “What is your name and your purpose of coming in?”

Naveen replied “I am Naveen doing job in a MNC.”

Then there was a pause as Naveen forgot to tell his purpose of visiting the Yogi.

Yogi again asked “So Naveen what’s your purpose of coming?”

Before coming Naveen had many questions about his life but now he was unable to recite any. Understanding this Yogi asked “So Naveen are you happy and satisfied with this life?”

Listening this question Naveen got surprised and said a prompt “No.”

Yogi said “That’s nothing new Naveen, as similar is the state of most of the people out there”

Yogi continued “People are suffering themselves and they are blaming others”

Hearing this Naveen said “I did everything possible to achieve the desired results but never got the results I was deserving.”

Naveen continued “I was prayed God throughout my life, followed whatever parents asked me to do, remained vegetarian, never harmed anybody, followed astrologer’s advice but …”

Naveen stopped abruptly as he realized he may be crossing decency. But Yogi smiled and said “Yes Naveen you did everything which you were aware off but could not do anything about which you are not aware of”

Yogi continued “See Naveen the results of each act you perform in this world are largely based on the focus. And focus is dependent on your motivation to do that act, ability to that act, and distractions or hurdles acting against that act.”

Naveen kept listening.

Yogi continued, “Motivation can certainly be increased with determination, ability can also be sharpened with continuous learning but what about the distractions within, which slowly but steadily acting to derail the act”

Naveen promptly said “But there were no distractions.”

Yogi continued, “Naveen you know nothing about distractions. See distractions may not always be negative in nature. For e.g. it may happen that you wish to excel in your present job but because you don’t like nature of the present job, this feeling will behave a distraction or hurdle and it may also happen that you may think you are made for something else then just doing this job, this will also become a distraction for exceling in present job. Similarly, there are many tendencies within which are hovering on each act we are doing in this world and affecting the outcomes”

Yogi continued “Also Naveen, you even don’t know how this body functions, you don’t why disease happened, you don’t know why you are not even happy. You don’t know how to control emotions churning within and you are thinking why outside world behaved the way they did or why you failed. You know nothing Naveen.”

This shocked Naveen because he realized Yogi was true in each word he spoke.

Naveen remained silent and was out of words.

Yogi continued “Naveen you trying to tame the demons outside but what about those demons within you, you never had paid attention to those”

Naveen was listening with utmost eagerness.

Yogi continued “Naveen if you want to find happiness and want to live a life with definite sense and not continue living by chance then pay attention”

Naveen become more attentive and said “Yes Sir please tell me.”

Yogi said “Naveen from the very first day we are born we are taught to understand outside but never asked to see what is within. Due to this we blame for our miseries on outside world but never see that the cause is within. Everything to which this being is subjected to is because of the ingredient within and no one else other than us are to be blamed for. See if sweet is lying on the floor then ant will certainly come to feed themselves. It’s not because of the ant it’s because of the sweet which is lying on the floor. Now you want to keep sweet on the floor and wishing let no ant come and eat the sweet. The nature doesn’t function like this. ”

Yogi paused if Naveen has some questions but Naveen was just listening.

Yogi continued “Therefore Naveen stand and first look within, do introspection know your true nature, know what lie within, uncover the tendencies which may be acting as distractions and keeping you dissatisfied. I urge you Naveen take this as first lesson from me and concentrate on it to find what is hidden within.”

Naveen asked “For how much time I had to do this?”

Yogi answered, “You may need to do this throughout your life because mysteries of life are deep rooted and will take time, efforts and grace to unveil fully. But spend a good 2 months on it and then meet me.”

With that instruction Naveen left yogi with many clouds of various colours

Meeting with the Yogi shown Naveen a terrain which he never ever thought of. He did hear of introspection but was never aware of its power. So he started toying with this new tool but was unaware of technique to use. Still with its limited knowledge he started uncovering self. He wrote what he like, he wrote what he dislikes, he wrote what he wanted to achieve in his life, wrote his strengths, his weakness and so on. But even after writing all this he was unable to understand which all are the distractions or hurdles in his life. He thought its ok to have all those things and not able to see them in any case distractions. For few days he remained with this thought but could not get any further ahead.  It was just one and half months passed and Naveen was unable to hold on the urge to meet the Yogi again, so he called and booked a meeting before the scheduled two months.

Chapter 3 – Discovering the third eye

Manthan.. 3

For the meeting Naveen kept all what he has written and was keen to show off what he did in small time to Yogi.
This time Naveen was not nervous and was excited to meet the Yogi.
Yogi greeted Naveen and so does Naveen.
Yogi started the conversation and said “Naveen there was still a week left for the two-month long introspection exercise, you came early. What happened?”
Naveen said “Sir I completed the exercise before time and wanted to show the same to you.”
Yogi asked “The exercise was meant for 2 months; you should have spent the same time. Nevertheless, now let’s see what you know about your-self.”
Naveen started explaining what he wrote.
Yogi stopped in between and said, “Its good whatever you have written but were you able to find the distractions within you?”
Naveen said, “Sir there were no such tendencies which I believe were in any way distractions. I do have few weaknesses like people have but they are ok and I don’t think they are in anyway were distractions or hurdles”
Naveen seem confident with this answer and paused for Yogi to say something.
Yogi said, “Naveen I like what all you have written but your journey to know yourself is not yet complete. By documenting your liking’s, dis-liking’s, aims, strengths and weakness you have uncovered the layer which is the outcome of hidden tendencies and issues within. You are liking certain thing is good to know but why you are linking it is also very important. And how this liking and disliking is affecting anything must also be understood. Also there will be many more tendencies which are so fine and be very part of you that you may not even see them. At present you may only see what can be comprehend by your mind or something which your mind has ever seen.”
Naveen was just listening.
Yogi continued, “See we humans can only hear sound if it ranges within certain frequency but it doesn’t mean there is no sound beyond these frequencies. It’s because mind is trained to work in certain frequency we are able to listen them. Similarly, there are aspects which are so fine grained with this mind and body we don’t see them and considers them to be any issue.”
Naveen asked, “Then Sir how to know those tendencies and how are they affecting whatever we are doing in this life.”
Yogi said, “Naveen you must have witnessed argument or fight between people.”
Naveen said “Yes I did.”
Yogi said, “And being the third party in that situation you must be able to understand the real issue and must have also were able to see who is the person to blame for”
Naveen nodded his head in yes.
Yogi continued, “In the same manner we need to treat this body and mind as third party and see what it is doing and why it is not doing.”
Naveen was amazed and asked, “How can I do this?”
Yogi said, “Its bit difficult but not impossible. Naveen you need to start practice Meditation.”
Naveen promptly cut short what Yogi was about say further and said, “But Sir meditation is meant to find God and I don’t have any wish as such. How come this will help me understand the tendencies within me. Sorry but I could not understand.”
Yogi said, “See Naveen you know nothing about meditation and based on your limited knowledge you want to reject something without which you may not be able to know anything more. Let me explain you, meditation is a tool which allow you to see whatever exist in this body and mind. It allows you to disengage with the senses and mind which otherwise not let you free. Without meditation you see only what’s mind allow you to see nothing more. You may find you have anger but mind will say its temporary and it only comes whenever someone abuses you and which is ok to have it. By this explanation it convinced you that you might have anger but justified its reason for having it and finally you will treat anger as self defense mechanism. But in reality this something which is leading you to believe in false world a world created by your mind only. Therefore, you need to go beyond mind and see its tendencies which are in real sense are distractions.”
Yogi continued, “Meditation has the power to unveil any quest you have. Therefore, go and start practicing.”
Naveen got overwhelmed with this and said, “Sir I am very thankful for this but I don’t know the technique to practise meditation. Can you please teach me the same?”
Yogi nodded his head in yes and explained the technology of meditation to Naveen and asked him to continue practise it unless Naveen knows the issues within.
Armed with meditation Naveen went to his place with new energy and enthusiasm.
He started doing meditation and introspection as asked by the Yogi and continued with his same job. Practicing meditation was tough as his mind was not allowing him to do so but he persist. And slowly he was able to sit quietly in meditation for few minutes and it made him happy. For first three months there was no visible change in him but something was churning in which he started seeing after 5-6 months of continuous meditation. However, with each uncovering there was more winds than pleasant rains. He never had known himself more than he was discovering each day now. His past was running like a river in front of him and he was able to see the stones within. Now he was cognizant of the facts why he was not able to score good marks which had nothing to do with luck but his inability to ward of the urge of play cricket and watchTV even during exams. And his cough each time he had it was always followed by a slog of ice creams. He realized he is a poor listener and always jump into conclusions without even hearing and this reason top the chart in break up with his girlfriend.
Issues ranging from his ability to do things, and his inabilities. His liking to particular type of personalities, caste etc. make him divisive which stopped him making friends, his knowledge of right and wrong etc. He also found the reason of not liking the Job he is doing, as somewhere he wants to do something of his own where he can nourish the venture as per his wishes and his choice. This was a lot for him to digest but with time he was a relieved man because at least he knows now. The only challenge left was to keep them at bay.
Knowing deep rooted truth gave him new vision and new aims in life. He also became open for new relationships as well and started dating a girl named Naina who from long wanted to his friend but he was not giving any opportunity due his un-sorted issues. Now he believes he has overcome all the issues and will not be a problem to have a go at life.
Now with this renewed sense Naveen was beaming with confidence and smile and so his love life. There were occasional arguments but being a solved man he managed to get things sorted out with ease. He was also doing good at job and was provided opportunities of leading a project as well. He started putting extra efforts in making the project successful but was failing in spending quality time with Naina. She did respond well but always wished if she can spend more time with him. Meanwhile the company chose to send Naveen to UK for a period of 6 months so that he can work with customer to complete the project on time. He was excited as this was the first time he got that opportunity but Naina was not happy as she never wanted to be part away with Naveen. But knowing Naveen she let him go.
After reaching UK Naveen got busier and could not even call her. She could not take this and went into mode of deep sorrow until her friend told her to get over this relationship. She wrote a mail to Naveen in which she told that everything is now over and now Naveen is a free man. Naveen was unaware of this and even did not had time to read the mail. He dialed her few times but she did not pick and thinking of it as coincidence he took it lightly.
Naveen was able to complete the project before time and was elated. He wanted to give a sweet surprise to Naina by bumping into her with lots of presents and flowers. He reached her house just to find that she has moved on. He pleaded for the reason and she said I mailed you long back. She was firm in her response and did not nudged back. He went with tears in his eyes and could not understand why again. He searched his mailbox and found it was almost 45 days when Naina sent that mail. Reading her mail made him hate himself as he could not believe that for the second time in life he lost someone whom he loved the most. In the first instance he was not aware of the problems within and second time he did knew but could not remain conscious and had let Naina moved away from his life.
He knew his tendency of taking relationships for granted and hunger for name and fame has ruined him but why despite of knowing them he was not able to keep them away. He realized from long time he knew all this but was unable to detach them and this incident was shocker to wake him up.
For many days he could not come to terms with these rude truths and this made him hate himself more than anything else.
He started long sessions of meditation but the longer he goes the more he hated himself. Frustration picking up pace and he decided to meet the Yogi again. It’s almost two and half years he last met the Yogi.

Chapter 4 – Detach who you are not

Manthan.. 4

The day came for the meeting and Naveen was in Yogi’s chamber with sobered face. Yogi greeted Naveen and said, “Naveen what happened to you? Why are you so dull and down?”

Naveen could not speak and tears started rolling down his cheeks. Yogi offered him a glass of water and asked him to be quiet and the reason for his sorrow.

After some time, Naveen back to his senses explained everything that have happened to him in last 2 and half years. After listening Naveen Yogi smiled and said, “Naveen I am very happy with the progress you made.”

Naveen got irritated with this response and said, “Progress! What kind of progress is this Sir I am back to square one. I have lost whom I loved most.”

Yogi smiled again and continued, “See Naveen whatever happened to you was bound to happened even if you were not doing meditation. The only difference it made is you now know the real reason for the same. Now you are not blaming Naina, circumstances or anything else. You know whom to blame for, just don’t know how to fix it. That’s ok…”

Listening to this Naveen felt good.

Yogi continued, “Meditation helped you in knowing the deep rooted needs, wants and tendencies within, you just don’t know how to detach them. It gave you understanding that you can see what’s happening in this body and mind. See it happens with all of us and the tragedy is that for all wrong happenings we kept on blaming others. Sometimes we blame our destiny, sometimes our parents, sometimes our friends, sometimes our bosses, sometimes our spouse, sometimes even God. But now you know and it’s a great achievement.”

Yogi paused for a moment and taking opportunity to speak Naveen said, “but despite of knowing I could not change the circumstances. What’s the use of such knowing?”

Yogi said, “Naveen it’s true that despite knowing the tendencies within you were not been able to change the circumstances and it’s because you did uncover the truths within you but was never been able to stop carrying them. They remained part of you in same manner they were before you knew about them. See the tendencies are so in grained that we even don’t know if we are reacting and thinking according to them. They are shaping everything we do in our life, what we think, how we respond to situations and people, what you are linking what you are disliking etc. Naveen knowing is first step to solve something because without knowing you even don’t know what to solve. Today you know what exists just don’t know that art of keeping them away.”

Yogi continued, “Naveen don’t you worry, now is a time for you to go ahead and detach the tendencies within you. And you are now a candidate of Gyan Yoga.”

Yogi paused and Naveen got a chance to speak, he asked “Why Gyan yoga Sir?”

Yogi speaks, “Naveen Gyan Yoga will enable you to see the real truth of who you are and why these tendencies and give you the consciousness to detach them.”

Naveen speaks, “Sir can you please explain.”

Yogi continued, “See Naveen without appropriate Gyan you cannot operate anything with perfection. For e.g. Gyan or knowledge of driving a car will enable you to drive, otherwise you may not have been able to push it even by an inch. Similarly, to manipulate and use this body, mind and tendencies you need to first know Who you are and what this mind and body is? Naveen we are taught to handle the things in outside world, understand people out there but never been taught to know and handle what is inside. And due to this lack of Gyan we all are suffering.”

Naveen was listening with great attention.

Yogi continued, “I am talking of the same Gyan which is present in Veda’s, Upanishads and in Bhagwat Gita. They let you know the true nature of you and the reality of this body, mind or tendencies. It will give you a light using which you may comprehend the reasons of things happening in this life. You just need to read and mediate on the knowledge it will lead you and detach from the issues within. And enable you to remain conscious each moment of your life so that you can act without getting deviated because of tendencies. With these tools – continuous introspection, meditation and knowledge of Gyan Yoga, you will easily sail through the rough sea called life. And at end you may find new meaning to life and may achieve satisfaction you are looking for long.”

Yogi paused.

Naveen said, “Sir will you teach me?”

Yogi replied, “What more can I tell you, I know nothing. Naveen this is your journey and I am only here to guide you. I have provided you what you need, you just need to continue mediation and read through the knowledge present in Bhagwat Geeta, or Vedas. You just need to continue read and reflect it in your life, it will itself guide you to your next course.”

With that Yogi paused and Naveen left with strong doze of medicine called Gyan Yoga.

Words of Yogi remained with Naveen. At one end he was trying to overcome the loss of Naina in his life and at other end he rapidly started pursuing Gyan Yoga. He bought Bhagwat Gita and start reading it. With each verse he started seeing life in a new light. As told by Yogi he continued meditation and introspection. With the completion of second chapter he was over with the various remorse he had in his life. Life was changing for him, there was a deep sense of calm in everything he was pursuing. He learnt the art of giving space to everything around and his parents are the first one to experience it. His colleagues were happy seeing a more accommodative Naveen now. He took 2-3 verse each time and be with it until they became a part of him. He now also learnt the art of letting go which he never was able to. It also made him able to shed the baggage of caste which annoyed him throughout his life and asked him to fight for justice. But now he realized its acts in this world which tag individual to a caste and its people’s problem if they cannot see them. He also realized its only tendencies who are making us to like and dislike people, like and dislike situations because otherwise we are all straight to accept everything as they are. If we became conscious enough and see this layer of tendencies as something we wore then we can love all, accept all and become Shiva.

His parents asked him to get married but he refused, saying that he is not yet ready and want to do something of his own.

Naveen was now feeling more secure in his life and was contemplating leaving job in pursuit of setting up a school. It was a difficult dream as it required money, people and lot of time. He checked his accounts and they were not sufficient enough to pay the fees of even ten students. But this time he did not get worried instead started thinking about the various permutations and combinations which can enable him to achieve his dream. He thought let me first build an idea of an ideal school which will be sellable in the market then go for funding. He continued his inner journey and at the same time documenting down a school which may bring happiness which he was longing for. After 8 months of rigorous efforts he completed his work of a great school. With this file he starts meeting investors and even discussed this idea with one of his bosses. His boss liked the idea and also knew someone who can invest in it. They met that investor and discussed the finance and struck a deal where fifty percent of the investment will be done by his boss and the investor and rest they will borrow loan from the bank. Things were going as planned for Naveen and was happy finding this. With this assurance Naveen quit his job and they all three started looking for some land for the school. They got the land and loan in relatively less time and in another 2 years he was standing with the school he was wishing for. With each passing day Naveen was a more composed and clear headed man now, thanks for his continuous meditation and love for reading Bhagwat Gita. The school had awesome building and beautiful amenities which inspired many parents to enrol their children’s to new school. School started growing so the accounts in small time they had close to 400 odd students which was a good number for any new school.

In the meantime, Naveen agreed to get married as well and went with his parents’ choice. However before tying the knot he did told about his past to would be wife, which made her happy and assured about his future.

Time was passing quickly and in just 2 years of time his school has more than 1000 students and was growing. But there was something else as well on rise and those are complaints of the parent. Each day there was complaints sometimes about the transport, sometimes about the quality of teachers, sometimes behaviour of teachers and others. This all made Naveen circumspect and he start giving more time to the academics. He found that teachers are not in coherence and yes the quality of teachers are not good as well. He wants to go into the root cause of the issue to find that despite of having such a large number of students schools does not have funds to hire good teachers. When he probed the finance he found that his two investor friends are bypassing the earning in their accounts more rather than putting in school. This angered Naveen and he tried to reasoned with them but they told them they are doing what they agreed long back. Naveen could not have argued any further instead tried to identify solutions. He tried to fix each issue came to his notice but it was not working. He talked to his partners and told that they should go for some more loan but they both denied. Now he was in a fix not sure what to do. He also thought to dilute his own standing in the school and get a new investor for that share but he could not go ahead with this as well. He started feeling the pain but was not able to manage the situation at hand. He decided to get over with the school as it was becoming headache for him.

But before taking any decision he thought to meet the Yogi first.

Chapter 5 – ‘Play of Intention’

Manthan.. 5

Naveen was once again standing in front of his guide in this life.

Both greeted each other and the conversation begin.

Naveen explained everything to Yogi with minute details and its now turn of Yogi to speak.

Yogi speaks, “Naveen in small time you learnt and gained lot in life, but it seems you missed out one of the most important lesson. You are doing good in internal journey but could not understood the art of taking things from this nature. You have always failed in this.”

Naveen was listening.

Yogi continued, “See Naveen nature does not give more than you deserve. It bounds your earnings to the amount you are paying to this nature.”

Naveen stopped Yogi and said, “But I gave everything each time.”

Yogi stopped Naveen and said, “listen you got want you wanted, you wanted money you got, you got appreciation you wanted but to the extent what you deserved. See the outcome of the act does not only depend upon how much effort you put in but also depends upon the Intention you hold. If your intention of getting success is limited to ‘I win’ then you will achieve limited success. Unless you change your intention to ‘All win’, you cannot achieve unlimited success.”

Naveen could not get this idea of Yogi and asked, “Can you explain Sir?”

Yogi continued, “Intention is soft virtue which is there in everything which we think and do in life. Every act you perform in this world is always actualised with an Intention. We eat with the intention to feed the hunger, we earn money with the intention to feed our family, we do worship so that God feed our needs. And you see we always get results limited to the extent of the Intention. Once you told me that despite of doing prayer each day you were not getting desired results and satisfaction, it was because your intention was limited to you and your thought was only having power of one i.e. you. If you intend to get for larger society, for this country, for this world you will certainly able to get unlimited. This is how nature works and same can be seen with the example of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who was just a lawyer but as soon as he committed his life for larger cause he became Mahatma. See the example of Swami Vivekananda who was just a student but as soon as he intended to work for welfare of people his persona became popular throughout the world and people followed him with devotion. Similarly, there are many more examples.”

Naveen was listening with great attention.

Yogi continued, “the same Gyan is there in Gita with the chapter of Triguna. In the chapter it is clearly detailed the nature of three Guna’s (Tamasic, Rajasic and Sattavic) and how same act can be based on one of them. Therefore, we have to move from Tamasic, to Rajasic and finally work on ‘Sattavic’ state and that will happen by moving our intention from ‘I’ to ‘All’. Therefore, intend to do for all, it should be a win-win situation for all related. All teachers, students, parents and investors shall be part of success and let the success be theirs and not only yours.”

Naveen asked, “Sir how turning Intention to ‘Sattavic’ will lead to unlimited results?”

Yogi said, “There are two aspects to this, one you can understand easily as it will be logical to your mind, the second you may not comprehend if you have not understood the ‘Gyan’ present in Gita. Let me present the first aspect-

Turing intention from ‘I’ to ‘All’ will allow individual to include all into the playing field. Now each one will do their bit to help the cause as each one believe its there’s and no longer only yours. This way collective force in one direction will produce results which you by alone cannot and that will surely be unlimited. I hope this will make you understand.

Let me explain other aspect, see thought is seed of creation, without it nothing can be created. If your thought is intended to feed you, it will just do that. If your thought is intended to feed all it will have the power to lead results who can feed all. That’s how life is, whosoever understood this they created something worthwhile, something which changed the world. I wish the same for you.”

With this ultimate secret of success Naveen returned back and starts thinking of the steps which are necessary to get the school rolling. After much thinking Naveen worked out a four step strategy to ride out the crisis and create a benchmark in academics. He first thought to define an AIM and a philosophy which shall resonates with all related i.e. owners, teachers, support staff, students and parents. This step will make sure all are aligned and know the goal and objectives to achieve. Secondly get his partners agree to have some more loan from the bank so as to infuse life in the school machinery. Thirdly he brought parents on board and invited them to participate in the school progress. The fourth and the most significant move of Naveen was to give up 10% of his shares and distribute among 20 teaching staff. This move was a game changer because he may have lost 10% of its share but has earned 20 new owners. Each one of them are now as much encouraged for the school progress as was Naveen. Now there are not a single Naveen working for the welfare but 21 Naveen’s instead.

School is celebrating his 10th anniversary and is the most sought out school in the whole district and this has made Naveen not only satisfied but relieved man as he no longer worry for anything. He is fast walking on the path of self-realization and acquiring material success at same time. Now he knows who is and why he is and most importantly happy and satisfied.

This story is not only of Naveen but of people like you and me. We all are tuned to look for solutions outside, which can never sort issues forever. Outside can only be managed and manipulated only if we can manage the one who is center of all activity. Let’s stop blaming others and work within to find true happiness. A happiness which is not temporary and shall be able to sustain the winds of change and unexpected.