Mantras are at a high price. They are the poetry of Vedic science. Chanting for ten years I notice that in every day I find inspiration for something definite or indefinite. Every day is the art of living. Every mantra is a song, a picture, a word, an experience and a victory. It’s a victory over the flattering world of illusion that tries to show, prove and explain something to itself and others. It’s unknown what this is all about.
The bright side of life easily fades without spiritual participation. Primordial human happiness lasts only in moments, or we can imitate it to make it look more real to the world.
Illusion has no authority over our lives if we chant or meditate regularly. That’s why it’s so important. The science of the mantra is the devotional intonation of the heart and the invocation of the God who speaks to us. Such socializing is always desirable and necessary. We can’t do everything alone.
The mantra is an invitation to relationship, celebration and gratitude for all the good that life shapes. When we share the joy of life with someone, we do so through a spiritual channel. The mantra is a well-lit road we don’t want to get off, while the world turns left and right, up and down. That’s why the mantra is with us. It guides us through the landscapes of life as we learn to walk like children.
Vedic mantras are the science of absorbing the elixir of life, they’re simple words filled with vibrating energy. Mantras are the music of today and everyone is invited to a party that leaves no one empty-handed.