1. Till now Swamiji has told 3 main pillars of Siddhi. 2 Satya nishta or honesty in talking ,Satya karma and Satya aacharan or honest conduct are first pillar of Siddhi. 3.If you have to say something good to some one speak the truth. 4 Three years back Swamiji read a book in which it was written the parents of Europe and America have a sea difference in raising kids. 5. In the u.s every act is appreciated and exaggerated to a great extent. 6.If your child draws an earth figure with bent circle too he is appreciated as much as he feels he is Picasso
7.Childhood habbit of wrong appreciation keeps the person unhappy in his life out of false expectations from his life parner ,kids ,friends or office colleagues and boss at work. 8 Mithya bhaav is projecting or acting what we dont have in heart. 9.Without mantra sadhna u can get siddhis if u are Satya Nishth or speak only truth. 10.Why does any one lie ..either to avoid Kalesha or impress …11.In both cases u spoil your relationship both with person you lied to and your Isht. 11. Second is Nirmal mann or soft and calm consciousness. 12.Krishna said to Arjuna to put his aasana at the most Shudhh and pavitra or pious place .12. If you want to walk on path of Moksh ,Ishwar prapti or Nivana the amount of seriousness and effort are extremely important in the result you get. 13. There is no bargaining. 14 . If mind is not Nirmal or calm u can get a fruit of siddhi but no garden or tree. 15. Divine doesn’t stay in a small heart. 16. You have to decide if you are just satisfied with bhagti ras ,Japp ,Sadhna or Aradhna or u want closeness to God. 17. Society, personal relationship or tough circumstances can only be an excuse of having a maleen man or an uncalm mind. 18. Consider Food as God..this is the most simple and effective way if you try. 19. Eat each morsel of food as if a Yagna offering to Jatthar agni. 20.There is no hurry ,we have worked hard for food ,not Kallesh.21. Think of yourself as God while having food and food as Bhog or divine offering while having a meal. 22.Food becomes a saadhna if we eat it with devotion. 23. A dog eats lup lup lup and a cow keeps chewing all day what she ate . 24 .Only human being has the ability to remember God at each bite. 25. While having food why play music or a movie or see knowledge. 26. Silently having food will digest it. 27. If we have food with focus and concentration half of body ailments will go. 28. If we have a calm mind and are truthful half of mental problems will go. 29. For other problems take sanyaas,leave the world and say Jai mata dee. 29. Fourth pillar of Siddhi…..First pillar Satya nishta…has great impact on you ,some on Society. 2nd pillar nirmal mann has a lot of impact on you and some on Society ,third pillar…having food like divine has all effect on you.30.No man is an island ,we all are inter connected . 31. When we do a simple yagya in that we offer dry fruit and Sweets as kheer aswell Naivaidyam which are later eaten by fellow human beings only. 32.Body of man is only food..the apple on tree,we pluck wash and eat it..u have become that apple. 33. Remember even if you want to say something unpleasant you can say that in a good way. 34.Husband comes home,wife cooks for him and he says u r growing prettier each day ,see these chapatis jealous of you so they are burning ,if you say so lovingly no one will feel bad.35. If you want to to have any conversation or discussion with anyone please keep one thing in mind…do i want to put him down? 36. If you want to repair your relationship with someone, elate them..tell him good things about him,appreciate him.37. If we tell someone how useless he is ,then he has no reason to listen to you. 38. Always use harmonious ,saatvik truthful and anandmayee words. 39. If there is too much salt in food u have a choice to make a fuss or lovingly say after finishing food that salt was a little more or even better when the cooking is to be done again ,that time tell to put a little less salt ,calmly and lovingly. 40.When two people have a casual discussion, it usually turns into a war or bitter fight. 41.People usualy forget why they started talking. 42.In Iraq there was a kid named Hameed, he was nephew of Mulla Nasrudeen, he was declared a dullard by his teachers and his Principal stuck his name from school. This made Hameeds mother very sad and she left the village. Many years passed and the school Principal had a heart attack and was taken to a city hospital where he was saved from clutches of death by brilliant effort by Doctors. As soon as the Doctor comes in front of Principal who wants to express himself, his life support oxygen s switch is switched off to put vaccum cleaner and no one but Hameed does it..43. Moral of the story….some people are owl and will always stay owl !44. So many people come to aashram just out of Love and Sweetness..sentences which give Soothness.45. If you stop in participating in race of who is better ,u ll be the best in everyone’s eyes. 45. For this you have to keep your ego on back seat. 46 .To show I am the best is nothing but pride. 47.Do you want to prove to someone you are the best ,then count the money in your purse once you have proven so ,the money in it will still remain same. 48.What is the difference in a honey bee and a fly…it knows what to consume or collect from what! 49. Fourth pillar of Siddhi is …..To enlighten someone s heart in Divine consciousness. 50. With practice we can see the Divine in a fellow being.51. Go and write on a page what all u have done in this life of 30,40 or 50 years. 52. There are only four or five things which make you angry again and again…those negative feelings which come each day or each week.53. Do you want to live a life which is draggingor a life which is sitting with u or a life that is taking flight! 54. The hard work ,choice ,efficiency or desicion is yours. 55. If you get these 4 pillars you ll get parram Siddh.56.With reciting mantra again and again a seeker will become a parrot. 57.No one has a right to tell u what type of life u should lead ,its your choice. 58 .Bitching about some one or negative talking is no way to lead a life. 59. Leave everything become a Faquir, sit under a bridge..some one will feed you. 60.No use of study ,knowledge, culture or initiation if you can’t bring profound change in yourself. 61. Its a personal desicion wether u want to be Hamid ,Principal or the Doctor. 61. Swamiji says with his knowledge and experience, what Siddhis are he told in first discourse. 62.Lots of Siddhis are falsely created. 63. If someone says u r foolish or have no knowledge tell him to show and prove his Siddhi. 64.That person will start doing irrelevant talks on how he got Siddhis but he left them go. 65.Such a person is lying. 66 Such a person can have beautiful words to befool you ,be aware. 66. Someone asked Swamiji how can a person be so dumb that they become blind towards their Guru s conduct, acts ,talks and vikaars. 67. SWAMIJI said when seekers visit the Guru they are intelligent ,but some window of there mind closes ..what is the use of such surrender. 68. There is no Siddhi to make body minute though by over eating we can make body large or heavy. 69.Hannumanji was of different tribe and centrury..that he did possess Siddhis. 70. No one should comment on a Shastra. 71.If there is a katha in Puranas and you dont find it acceptable, its ok …go and have food in dining hall rather than translating or interpretating what the story says! 72.What ever is written that only is its meaning..there is nothing more to understand. 73.If you feel that you can’t digest the story then say that ,why make hidden meanings. 74. Dharma ,faith ,devotion and logic are gettig polluted by translating and interpreting each story. 75. There is no siddhi like flying here and there or making body minute. 76. Some books have made this false belief which is wrong 77 You can be a real God…that is drop your body at your own will by following all 4 virtues Swamiji mentioned. 78. SWAMIJI himself experiences Siddhis each day of seeing someone s transparency, hearing far away things ,being focused and synchronized with universe with his focus. 79.All Siddhis like mahima ,lagima ,garima are for subtle body. 80. Our Rishis and drishtas could go in subtle bodies to different planet and universe to write that experience. 81 .No mantra chanting can create a fruit or a bungalow in front of us.82. But yes with some one having Vaak siddhi due to truthfulness his blessings will not let u sleep empty stomach or may provide a roof on your head. 83. No sacrifice of animals or putting big Tillak and sitting near skulls can give you Siddhi. 84. Chitta sadhna or latta saadhna or going to cremation ground can only make you overcome your fears rather giving u a Siddhi. 85. Swamiji ended the discourse by saying ,its your satkarm and bhaav which made him expound on Siddhis.

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