Today’s Group writing project workshop conducted by Medha Shri ji was quite interesting. As a part of the exercises, we were asked to put ourselves in some person’s shoes and jot down the stream of thoughts he/she is going through. We had to write it in 4 minutes! 
Background: *
Well, I could immediately think about a guy in my neighborhood who has frequent fights with his wife! Because I am always saddened by thinking about the kind of sufferings all of them, particularly this guy and their three little daughters are undergoing. When I meet him alone, he is so nice and gentle! Moreover, all noises and shouts we here is always from his better half! 

Stream of thoughts (that could go on in the protagonist mind as imagined by me!):

What a hell life! Why she is shouting like crazy? I only asked her to prepare the breakfast a bit quickly! She is never going to understand me. She even does not care for my daughters. All the people in the cluster must be laughing at us. I am tired off these routine quarrels. I wish I could give divorce to her. She simply has no sense to the future of my little daughters. She even does not cook! How much money I had to spend in the local restaurant? Heck, I am getting stuck at the damn assistant professor level!  My tummy is getting bigger and bigger day by day! And, why the hell she throws the utensils while she gets angry. Oh, Jesus! Help!


Marital discord is a damning problem in our modern society. This problem is rampant in educated societies. There is always a kind of cold war going on in many houses! In a discourse, Swamiji said that within seven days of marriage one can have a good understanding how the relationship will go! There is no point in sticking to a bad relationship at the cost of mental peace; most importantly, it may even destroy childhood of innocent kids!

 As a final task, in 10 minutes we were asked to write a short story on a protagonist named Ethan around three questions! Well readers, I need your help on this! Please read on! 

 Ethan is a very lovely boy in our neighborhood. He has great interest in music. In fact, he plays keyboard so well! Moreover, he respects all elderly people and is a darling to all in the colony.

One day, I found him crying in the park adjacent to our colony. It was bit unusual for a boy of 8 years to cry like that. I asked him the reason. He said that he lost his father’s mobile! He asked for the mobile from his father to play video games. His father also gladly obliged as he did that many times in the past out of affection! Unfortunately, while sitting in the park, he met his school friend Nathu, and started playing with him in the park, leaving the mobile in the park bench! Now he is unable to trace it!

What he will do? Please let me know your comments in the comment box!

P.S. 1 This post is a part of OS.ME group writing project. What we write during the workshop, should be posted without altering the core theme at all. It’s an amazing experience!

P.S. 2: The portion with * are added after the workshop is over for the day.