Marriages we all know what it is and also know they are made in Heaven!!! Not sure if they were considered so when it all started (when life began).

Its that sort of coalition government where even the agenda’s were not even discussed because as they say it is made in heaven.Two people got engaged and start living together, why? You don’t know …ah poor you, because they were destined to be together.

They start good because both has at least one common agenda and it certainly lasts for sometime. But soon each one start pushing their respective agenda’s on to other and what more they got more agenda’s because they are married now and have to follow rules of being married. What a sorry life?

In the name of marriages people are robbed off with their freedom to choose their expression in life. They usually forced to be the slaves of the so called protocol of marriage. Most of the times both suffers and rest of the times at least one will surely suffer.

But has it yielded something? Yes it made two independent beings dependent.

Is it that complex to understand that this method of marriages and expectations around it is making the most beautiful and wonderful friendship a mess. We can see the sad faces around and in most of the cases this reason tops the chart.

The idea of two people coming together despite of differences with the sacred thread of marriage was purposed to provide an ear who can always listen without any prejudice, who can constantly guide each other, help each other to find the purpose of their life and be there in life’s most dreaded times. But due to our own insecurity we force the other to live the way we think will be good for us.

Not only arrange marriages even the so called love marriages usually face the same fate. People are so obsessed with the listed rights and wrongs of the marriage that they peel off the most righteous virtue an individual shall have i.e. Freedom. With freedom people first loses happiness and finally the joy of being alive. Such a greatly orchestrated start meets the most sad end. But they still say they are made in heaven..

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