O sacred fire that burn within
for whom do you yearn
the heart’s desire is
to go up in flames
a maiden consumed in love

Of all the divine reflections
that fall upon your devotee
it’s your innocence
that casts a spell
binding as a mangal-sutra around the neck

O Supreme supernal saviour
a divine mystery to mankind
Your presence so palpable
a startling softness
glows ember like

What do I say of your eyes
do you not see my vices
sprinkled as freckles upon my face
Oh your knowing glances
that pierce past the skin

Oh Lord I’ve never
never ever known
what’s it to be sheltered
and cared for
until I came upon your home

They’ll laugh at me
in disbelief
if I told them how it works
the soul alone finds comfort
who lays its life by your revered feet

This frustration grows day by day
when will I attain to You
unworthy as I am
fragile as glass
shards of a soul that wish to be whole

O river of kindness
the great ocean of mercy
countless dips I’ve taken
to wash my sins away
never has your water ever turned me away

The emptiness I feel
when You’ve vanished
and the fullness I experience
when You emerge in my consciousness
is beyond the play of words

I don’t wish to stop
keep walking like a traveller
whose destination is lost
even though I’ve found You Lord
You are nowhere on the map

Please bless me Bhagwan
to wear a clear heart
on my sleeve
the cleaner I will be
the more You’ll notice me

Oh I love you so dearly
You are the Universe
and its play
standing tall and unknowable as the sky
keeping your children safe

You are safety
You are comfort
You are the unknown we seek
You are etched in our fabric
as marrow in the bone

O Lord beyond the skies
breathtakingly divine
in your smile lies the truth
You are very much alive…