Marriages are made in heaven according to a popular English saying aswell Swamiji says birth ,death and Marriage of a person is always fixed! This is the real story of my Maasi only names i change.

Sudarshan and Lalit were in South Delhi campus of Delhi university s Venkateshwara college both doing there post graduation in History for a pre requisite to be a Teacher and a lawyer respectively! Sudarshan wanted to do her B.ed and Lalit his llb after the P.g.. Sudershan was the most modern and smart looking female of a class of 49 students , in early 1970s she used to dress up in blue bell bottams ,kallinge tops from Africa and Mumtaaz style big goggals and platform heels with big balees hanging near her shoulder cut stylish hair! She even diagonally hanged a crocodile skin big bag her bua had gifted her while visiting her from London! A very sincere,well read and confident girl who took care of her cancer suffering mother and asthma diagnosed brother alone as her father was busy earning for them in Kenya. Lalit on the other hand was a very handsome fair complexesioned ,tall , well built and Dharmendra styled hair locks 21 year old and the only over loved ,over pampered son of his mother who still used to kiss him ,hug him ,make french fries for him at each meal as His strict naturopath father disapproved any pampering and lovey dovey talks! With an average aided school education and mother as Hindi teacher now turned as government school head mistress, Lalit was blessed to be so eloquent in Spoken english and creative writing! While reading Shakes pear s Romeo Juliet one day the professor asked both Sudarshan and Lalit to play each character and read their dialouges in the class! 2 young hearts eyes met and the cupid played its arrow! Both started smiling at each other and soon the fascination turned to liking , love ,romance ,missing ,hours of sitting on bus stop and english poetry writing for each other!In between Sudarshan lost her mom to cancer and Lalit was extra sweet that time to get his mom s made poori aaloo,bhindi roti and paranthas for Sudershan each day at lunch! Sudershan too ensured she wrote Lalit s assignments and helped him in even writing an english exam for Lalit s sister for graduation risking herself at correspondence english college! With same state language ,both manglik and both s family after initial inhibitions both became Husband and wife to live happily ever after! But marriage is not the end its just the beginning! The beginning of knowing each others habits ,character, tempraments and relationship and financial management more and more and there is no escape! With Sudershan being 2 years elder to Lalit and finishing b.ed ,at 25 ,lalit had no choice but to settle in an average clerical job in a public sector unit! With only a 2 room rented house in Old Delhi ,Lalit never allowed Sudershan to work as he had seen his teacher mom rush for work and servants or distant relatives raising him ,he wanted his wife ever present and in comfort of his house ! Never did he realise that the life style he wanted to follow of weekly eating in restaurants, wearing modern stylish latest clothes and watching movies in cinema hall needed a lot more money than his meager salary! Sudershan on the other hand had studied all her life and was average in making food, arranging almiras or was not used to use non attatched washroom in community space! Still the love was so strong that she inspired Lalit to sit for IAS( civil services exam) for his age , calliber ,skills and knowledge would make him qualify and have much better job prospects! But Lalit was too lazy and non ambitious to pursue any further studies and rather in sarcasm asked Sudershan to do it! Sudershan did do her double post graduation in political science during her pregnancy and both of them got the Apple of their eyes a very healthy baby Boy just 2 years into marriage! Both of them moved to a government accommodation alloted to Lalit s father ! The expenses with baby increased much more than the earnings ! Lalit had now started drinking occasionally and at times used to be dropped by female office colleagues in auto to house at night vomitting and not eating anything! Sudershan tired with small baby and roaring expenses just kept reading more to keep herself sane and calm! She tried many a times to explain to Lalit how embaressed she felt when the Father in law on weekends used to come and clear there milk man ,ironing lady bills aswell she dint even have basic cash to get eye brows at parlour! But Lalit was too ignorant or non mindful. But Lalit was a very caring man he used to buy beautiful clothes ,watches , toys ,t.v.s , and lovely furniture for the house hold from some commission he used to earn from his work place! He regularly took his family out of station yearly on best of hotels where at times he told Sudershan he has no money to clear bills and she should have brought cas( from where was a miraculous mystery Sudershan still cant solve) and even weekly to Restaurants and relatives house ! He used to keep quiet when angry or never used foul words and even apologized when realized his mistakes by writing letters to Sudershan! Sudarshan a fighter on other hand was ambitious and did a life insurance agent course and started assisting family while also taking care now of her Mother in law who suffered cancer too! Fast forward 20 years and now Suderehan ,Lalit ,Lalits father and Deepak had an average Middle income house with a two wheeler ,just enough bank balance to educate there son but a lot of unspoken bitterness between Sudershan and Lalit .Lalit thought she is not warm and expressive ,Sudershan on other hand was always worried about electricity bills ,educational bills and medicine expenses of family finding money splurging Lalit too care less! As Deepak went for higher education which he managed by working part time at Mac Donald’s and his grand father s death, Sudarshan and Lalit s second honeymoon period was rather a toxic and abusive environment ,Lalit taking a volunteer retirement scheem and lazing in house only watching t.v ,drinking beer at times with his provident fund s bank interest and trying to be romantic with the Worrying Sudershan! As Deepak now was married out of country and was himself struggling to meet his ends with no money to buy air tickets least visited his quarreling and complaining parents, one day he heard his sobbing mother crying calling to tell him his father was lost and neither taken a mobile or purse with him aswell she had reached all freinds, relatives ,market and barber places not to track him! Lalit called his neighbor freinds who lived near his parents house to help his mom ! The freinds by night located Lalit at a government hospital, lost,depressed and sad disclosing his name and adress as Ashok pandey from 163 karam pura( some old adress of his mausi) , Aha as he entered home Sudershan releaved to see him back, she had not eaten since morning! The hospital authorities told he was fished out from a Naala near there house thinking its a dead body when some stranger called the police! Sudershan was wise not to counter question Lalit but give him warm water to take bath and wear fresh Kurta Pajama! Lalit even talked briefly to Deepak on not to worry! The next morning Deepak woke to be told by his mother to start for India as his father was in i.c.u with severe diarrhea and collapsing episodes! Deepak rushed and took charge of the situation just to find his father with septisemia and a ventilator with in 5 days! The only words he said to his son were your mother is very innocent i felt very guilty in her eyes ! Please always take care of her ! Deepak chanted the gayatri mantra bravely after Doctors informed him Lalit was breathing his last and after cremation and haridwar visit for rituals with his mother ,he took his Mother along with him to his foreign land house! Sudershan was not unwelcomed there but a cold attitude of grand kids and daughter in law made her physically vulnerable and even angrier and bitter with Lalit! The status remains same….was the dream love story to end like this? Who was at fault ?

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