Black Lotus was a revelation for me this year. I started with Swami Ji’s videos on YouTube. I was binge-watching His videos. I realized from the outset the pearls of wisdom that He imparts. He didn’t engage in debates with the public. Every time there was an ambiguous question from the public, I would cringe at the delicate situation He was faced with. The most incredible thing was that He always answered diplomatically without entering into arguments or retorts. Swami Ji was calm as the ocean. Even the ocean would rise to frightening heights. Instead, Swami Ji kept rising in my esteem and kept rising me to a better version of me who now believes in Gratitude, RAKS and acceptance instead of rebellion that comes with the arrogance of youth.

The most interesting things started happening to me when I realized that I had reached ashore and that true learning will happen. I stopped binge-watching and would invest in learning instead. I would sit with a small copybook and would take notes from the videos of Swami Ji. In the videos that I watched, not once did Black Lotus appear. I was surprised to find it in the comment’s section. From there, I downloaded it and started it ASAP. To make things short, I wasn’t regular with the meditation because of the classic problem of procrastination.

Raga Jhinjhoti became and remained my favourite! I wish Raga Mian ki Todi, Puriya Dhanshri or Shree could be added. These are soul-touching scales. I feel dizzy with the meditation that suggested going up and out into outer space.

Bhramari Pranayaam has become my favourite these days. It was funny in the beginning because images of bees kept crossing my mind. Maya l’abeille kept coming in front of me. Then the sensation of vibration kept growing, tingling my jaws and travelling to my skull. It feels good like I am having a relaxing head massage. It’s a different massage, where I feel alert, maybe because of the influx of oxygen to the brain. I would love to do more nice breathing exercises like this. It forces oneself to focus on the breath. One second of inattention and Maya L’abbeille will disappear!

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Jai Shri Hari