He appeared as a Mystic,
His talks cryptic,
Who is he?

An enchanting smile,
A sonorous voice,
A still gaze,
A soft chuckle,
A radiant face,
A swift walk,
An Elegantly Draped saffron robe,
And brow adorned with a devotional Mark.

Who is He?
Oh, I. Oh I, I want to meet the Mystic!!

Stung by Love,
Enchanted, Amazed, Enthralled,
Like poison,
The Mystic seeped in heart,
Unknowingly, I gave my heart.

Whom should I ask to check my pulse?
A Doctor?
No, doctor’s medicine failed in curing me.
A Taverner?
No, A glass of wine failed in healing me.
A Courtesan?
No, Houses of pleasure failed in alluring me.

So now I weep endless tears in secret.
Inadvertently, I gave my heart,
Adorning my brow with a devotional mark!

My heart finds pleasure,
My heart finds pleasure,
My forehead having his mark,
My Last name having his first name.

With Holy water in the right palm,
His holy name on my Lips,
Sitting in front of Holy fire,
Taking a sacred vow,
I smile with a panache.

Oh, I. Oh I, I met the Mystic!!

P.S. On this beautiful day a year ago, roughly 40 days after my demise of my beloved father, Swamiji gave his name to me and my mother. Swamiji’s blessings have been immense. Our ode and gratitude to him forever.
Challenges are part of life. But now, I try to live with mindfulness “Nothing matters eventually”.

Jai Shri Hari

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