O Mother, I don’t see your signs!
O Mother, I don’t get your dreams!
O Mother, I don’t get your fragrances!

I am walking,
I am burning.

Agreed, distance is there,
Agreed my karma is polluted,
Also agreed my devotion is flimsy.
Full of Ego,
Sucker for Pride,
Loaded with Arrogance,
Brimmed with Lust of flesh and gold!

I am travelling the miles,
I am walking the path,
I am fading,
I am burning
I am going on!!

Even if there is sunshine,
Even if there is dark night,
Even if there is heavy rain,
Even if there is pain,
I am enduring it,
I am walking.

The night is blazing,
Days have turned to ash,
In this light and radiance, I merely burned.

Where are you?
Where are you?

I burn.
I fade.
I walk.

O Mother, I am your  Bhishma,
O Mother, I am your  Ravana,
O Mother, I am your  Arjuna,
O Mother, I am your Duryodhana.

I offer you my skull full of vices!!
A head full of polluted thoughts and impurities,
A pair of eyes full of tears,
An intense impure bloodstream.

O Mother, Make me your Prahalada.
Come in my dreams.
Show me your signs.
Embrace me O Enchantress!!

You are not here!
Your signs are not here!
Your dreams are far away!
Your scent is inaccessible!

I am nothing!!
I am nothing!!
I am walking!!
I am burning!!

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