When will thy heart be free of,

Petty thoughts, transient emotions?

When will thy soul be mature enough,

To dance in the drama of life?


For if it’s a cosmic prank,

Why’s the mind running for a goal?

For the meaninglessness of it,

Hidden with profound intelligence,

Where I found a solution or a solace?


When emancipation the outcome,

Why give time to worries and anxieties?


When will thy heart grow enough,

To harmonize with the flow of Himalayan stream?


When will thy soul flap its wings,

To taste the ever pervading boundless bliss?


When will I be mature enough, thy creation?

To completely shatter myself,


In the rhythm of existence?


To be in possession of a joyous heart that has love and respect for others, to have a mind that isn’t badgered by negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are the assets of a mature soul. The more spiritually grown-up you are, the greater at ease you are with yourself and the circumstances that surround you. It’s that simple.

~ Om Swami, Maturity



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