Pranam to All 🙏 ,

I got very inspired by reading beloved Swamiji’s today’s post about Maturity . How beautifuly swamiji has explained 4 kinds of Maturity . Swamiji asked question How mature you think you are? I am trying to give answer of this question . I want to share my thoughts what I feel about this maturity . One small poem I made on maturity 😊🙏

Maturity – A small word but has very deep meaning .
How this maturity comes ? From where ? Maturity can’t be learn from school .
Maturity can’t be borrow from someone or somewhere .
Maturity can’t be share .
Maturity is not an ancestral property that can be esily taken from parents .

Maturity dont come by Age .
Maturity dont come by Books .
Maturity dont come by Power .
Maturity dont come by Wealth .
Maturity dont come by Self .

My Dear Friends ,
Maturity comes with Life Experiances .

🙏 Jay Sri Hari 🙏