As she became a teenager, a lot of people sent her best wishes.

Some wished her ,”to find success in life”, others wished her “happiness forever”, “Long and healthy life”.Endless best wishes.

One of her teachers wrote of card that had a quote that said “I wish you good problems in life.” She went up to him and asked him why such a negative wish?

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative. I don’t believe in wishing you a life without any problems. That would be no life at all. The best I can wish you is a life full of good problems.”

The meaning of that is “May you have problems which are solvable. May you have the ability to be able to see the solution to problems.”

The teacher was so right. You cannot wish for a life without any problems. At the most you can wish for is a life of good problems, problems with solutions. And if you look properly, you’ll be able to find the solutions. For that, you need a positive and relaisitc mind. Indirectly that’s what he wished her to have.

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