My Dear Master,

How do I turn my heart into an abode for You to stay here forever, with that benevolent smile and that pleasing radiance?

This was the question I used to ask myself every now and then, as this was all that I ever wanted from this life.  

With time, the craving and the seeking transformed itself into the experience that this heart wished for. It was Your Grace alone that blessed someone with nothing worthwhile to speak about, drown in moments of absolute bliss.

Those moments when the heart would be filled with Your seamless presence and glow in the bliss of that experience. They were like drops of rain on an eternally parched land. They were both signs of hope and they were the seeds of craving for more of those divine waters from the sky 

Silence came naturally in those moments and if words poured out they were priceless.  Else there would be a cloud burst of tears that held volumes of emotions.

The taste of the heavens definitely pulls the mind towards the unreachable One and the craving for You did that.

Today those are moments of the past but the memories still bring joy.  My mind in my now is drawn towards activites and responsibilities of a family person and the natural surrender that comes to a craving heart is replaced by the ifs and buts of worldly desires and duties.

My heart does know the truth that You are not at an unreachable distance far away somewhere. You are right within and that experience is right here in me. All that is needed is surrender that is not worried about anything and love that asks for nothing. 

May that seeking return to never leave.