Mayhem to merry 1Ever felt a time when everything seems out of place? When all that you see is challenges? Your head spinning, your thoughts a whirlwind. Priorities become difficult to set. That is how I felt when the unfortunate incident happened in 2011. Marriage, which was already a challenge did not seem important enough to preserve. Blame game against spouse and search for justice for my child became madness enough to lock horns with anyone. The next five years seemed to become a “series of misfortunes” until the revelation that divorce would be freedom for self, child and the bitter half (that’s how I felt then). Post divorce poised new challenges adjusting in new life, financial conditions and effects of divorce on the child. Overnight, I became the mother, the provider and therapist.

Little did I know that there was someone special to come to my rescue. He was my sukhakarta dukhaharta. The most revered Swamiji whom I had briefly met in Atlanta maybe in 2008 and then followed His blogs since. Yet not enough to imbibe His teachings in everyday life. He took me under His care, gifted me with patience, acceptance and contentment. And then came along cancer. After all, life needs to test you to see what you have learnt. A valiant and victorious fight against the disease makes me ask – dear life, what’s next up your sleeve? Bring it on!

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