Me or we

Is it always about everything around me and about me…to know this I must know where I’m and who am I (was overthinking maybe)

Wondering and wandering for years
I just came across this time when I was sitting just looking at those pics in the phone gallery…those pics spoke a lot…and also I observed that even the pics are slided in ascending or descending order with respect to the time they were captured…and the life was going so as well..ascending with age and experiences..descending with excitement interests…

All the pics were of mine at some good location scenic and with my friends and family…just then a thought thundered….

It said..”look at your pics in which only you are thr..and then your pics with your family and friends..”

I started sliding those clicks in the gallery…many many pics of mine alone ….I kept scrolling…then came across the pics with family and friends here I stopped scrolling..
Gazed and those pics and there was already an smile on my face…that smile looking at that screenplay living that moment again imaginably..

Just then my mind spoke to my heart
Mind:”Damn why are you confusing the kid..”
Heart:”well,I’m just making him smile”
Look he looked at ‘ME‘ but dint smile once he looked at ‘WE‘ he did..there’s his answer..

He smiled looking at all those WE pics
He then realised that its we and not me and its everywhere and anywhere
With everything or even nothing..
He left smiling for a drive to his friends place….

But here the mind and the heart where still battling it out..
MIND: I can control him better than u..
HEART: I never control anyone..
MIND:I can kill you with my words..
HEART: lol, you know right, literally if the brain dies the heart still beats, but if the heart dies then brain also is dead…”adding “you also should know,its not about you and me its about WE..

and also maybe the excitements and interests have to find us rather we wandering in their search..then life ascends..


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