It’s night I am lying on bed and thinking what do I want to do now.Well It’s not morning when you start your day and go out to work or do your your daily chores. My day passed as usual but I still feel I didn’t do anything special today. I didn’t do anything that has something to do with myself. Well that’s not the issue here I try to fulfill my  responsibilities with honesty. But yet I feel something is missing. So I just listened to a YouTube lecture of Om Swami about “priorities” that helped me literally understand what was I missing. I was missing my me time the time when I do things that I don’t do out of responsibility or love but out of passion. We all have certain hobbies or passion.. Like reading, writing, dancing, painting or some thing else that makes us happy and complete. So as much I know an average person usually sacrifice his/ her me time for the sake of his duties towards family, society or work, but it can make our lives monotonous. Why not give sometime to yourself to your passion so that you also feel your worth, don’t forget yourself because in the end its only you who can make yourself feel worthy.