Summer heat drying the world
Swami smiles
A sunflower blooms

Meaning of life 1

Dear Swamiji, 

by your grace,

“The universe has no intrinsic meaning. The only meaning it has is the one that consciousness gives it

Life is about expanding one’s consciousness to increasing levels. 

To take on newer challenges and accomplish them. 

The purpose of life is to bloom like a Bram Kamal.

Bloom so that everyone who sees us , comes in contact with us is transformed.” 

Swamiji , every flower needs sunlight to bloom – you are that Sunlight in our life.

you are the source and essence of beauty and fragrance in our lives. 

Thank you for the mentoring, all the books, all the videos, all the classes, that you have shined on us for all these years. 

Sun shines on all without any special favor on all, expecting nothing in return . 

Such is your grace on us. 

Happy Guru Purnima Swamiji

Sarvada Charan Vandanam, Vrajame Sharnam Tav !