We use this word “Trouble” so often in our lives that sometimes we feel that we are surrounded with “Troubles” and that they will never leave us alone.
“Trouble” is something we have with our own self because we face something that we do not like.But by facing it , our troubles go away and we have a way to overcome this thing called Trouble. So find it, look at it and do whatever you have to do to overcome it and then it’s finished and done with.
Why have you made it your trouble? Because of the fear of it, it has turned into trouble but when you learn to overcome it, then it is not something you fear any longer- “so face the lion in his den and he becomes a lamb for you.”
When trouble knocks on your door, face it with a smile and forget it do not blame God for it, as it is your own fate that makes it and you have your fate in your own hands.God does not hod it for you,instead he makes you hold it and drop it .

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