A daily dose of meditation with thought free mind is what everyone needs.And it is a spiritual healer indeed.Well,We all at some point of our life blames God for what we suffer,but we never blame ourselves.Question is Why? Because we become sufferers suddenly after all the enjoyments and We never thank God for what we get.Daily Conversation is needed with the God to maintain a balance in our life.But What’s the way to communicate with our Creator?Yes, Meditation- You got it right.So let’s spare some time from our daily schedule to contact God,to thank him for what we are today,where we are today and for what we have.Come on let’s make our creator feel special .Talk to him, Contact him and beleive me meditation is the best way.So make it a  daily habit.

Meditation will provide you more positive vibes and you will feel positive energy in your surrounding.Yes,It’s a human tendency to lose hope suddenly and we feel that all paths are closed for us.But reality is that God,our creator watches us everytime and we just need to call him.Yes,Call him through your mind.Close your eyes and remember him.He will be there.Infact,he will guide you and show you the right path.That is when we say God exists and our connection with him gets stronger.Then we keep on contacting him throughout the day and we talk to him.You make yourself a better person, Someone who would think hundred times before doing something wrong.

The world is already full of negative people.Lets transform ourselves and make this world a better place to live.


Yours Ripandeep ❤️