Swamiji in his Book of Kindness, gives his 10 tips of acquiring and growing kindness in the course of our daily lives. One of them is to consider having a pet. Quoting him here:

“Pets can be real catalysts in teaching you kindness. They make your heart fill up with love and their presence has been hailed as therapeutic by numerous researchers. They teach you to share and they take your mind off negativity. You get to experience unconditional love and a constant flow of innocence from a pet. Whether you like cats or dogs, it doesn’t matter. If you are not allergic to fur or pets, give it a serious thought.”

I have been wondering about having a pet for a long time. I used to have pets while growing up but not so for last many years. 2-3 months back we brought a new member home, christened him Baba and got busy caring for him. 

First when he came from the hills to our home after a journey of many hours, he was appreciated for not creating a mess in the vehicle and staying firm. His this inherent quality was praised.

He came as a small, light weight and infant creature in a box. For some weeks that box became his bed. Whenever he’d get nature’s call he used to start crying and we knew he need to get out. His inherent tendencies were again perceived as amazing, for he had the rightful understanding to not litter his own bed, though he made the mess of our home.

He is a Tibetan mastiff. As far as I know they grow on to become calm yet strong. But for these months he has been very very naughty. Mummy’s sari, my jeans and other such clothing and other things at home became victim to his strong urge to bite.

Whenever he is not sleeping, he generally wants to bite something. Door mat, table leg, carpet, etc. that too when he is chained down to one place. If we leave him open, he runs around home to bite off something and we run around him to tame him down.

I brought a toy bone, dog biscuits and other such things to tame him, to satisfy his infant urge to bite. I have heard and seen that infant and young babies’ teeth tickle and they want to bite. Not only dogs but human babies too. Anyway, so we have a tough time sometimes because after all, being a dog, his innate tendency is to bite.

But, day before yesterday, I finally saw Baba enjoying his bone and not the table or the door mat. He was engrossed in biting the hell out of the bone and has eaten most of it. He was letting me pet him while he was biting the bone. I think his ways are changing. I hope he will become calmer as he grows old. Right now he is just 3 months old. Barely recognizes his own name.

Anyway, so that is Baba our new pet. 

Baba Baba black sheep

Have you any wool

Meet baa-baa!! 1

My sister holding Baba