Note: If you haven’t met him yet, pls. read ( Introducing Leo )


With a few people accompanying me, I entered my yard to go inside the house, and was greeted by an unusual sight! Lying in front of my main door was an UNDERWEAR. (No, not mine!!).
“LEOOOOOOO!!!”, I yelled; more to declare to this world that this ungraceful act is my dog’s doing and not mine. This is his latest quirk, to steal peoples’ socks and underwear from laundry baskets and leave them in the most inappropriate places. I never thought  I would be spending a good amount of time chasing a dog just to get our personal items back. (and writing about it 🤦‍♀️). 

         Being a mother of two very-talkative children, there is no dearth of comedy or face-palm moments in my life (because of the darndest things they say), but Leo is definitely a step higher, I tell ya. But such is life and is definitely more colorful and full of laughter with him in it. 😀

Did I convince you enough to get (or not to get) a dog?

Not yet? Then I will come back with more stories, till then, leaving some pictures of him.

Meet leo - part 2 2

Meet leo - part 2 3 

Meet leo - part 2 4

Until next time,