I am not sure how many of you are aware of the #nomore50 that is being circulated on the internet. Let me tell you about it, so India has some very well drafted animal right laws, however they are seldom applied and even if they are, the punishment for animal cruelty in our country is only Rs 50. Which simply means you can torture any animal and then pay Rs 50 and get away. So this monsoon session of the Parliament animal right lawyers and others want the Parliament to bring in stricter laws. That’s enough of the facts.

This post is about Mr. Google. I met him in the car parking basement when I shifted with my brother and his family into a modern condo. He skirted around sheepishly and peeked and then ran away. I soon came to realize he lived there. He was wary of most people but he seemed to be friendly with some. Over a few months he became a friend of mine. I realized if he spotted me walking he would follow me. He was like the Google network. I just had to turn around and find him. Hence I named him Google my entire family started calling him that. Then I realized he was also called Sheru by a few people ,but for me he was  simply Google. The picture below was taken after I scolded him and asked him to sit in a corner because he was jumping on me and misbehaving. So he sat under a tree obediently.

This is google

But Google is no ordinary dog. His story unfolded itself through the scars on his body.  Initially I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he had deep gashes all over his head and body, and sometimes he would limp and even whine. Then a neighbour told me his story. He was born inside the condo. A few years back  some people inside the condo (this is a new phenomenon these days in India, I think sudden surge of money has left people blind in their hearts) didn’t want him there. There was no real reason. The only reason was they believed he had no right to live in that territory. So they tried to throw him out. When they were unsuccessful, a few people ( so called educated, driving big cars, working in good organizations) and one gentleman who had even served in the Indian army decided they would do it their way. So one day they all gathered and shoved rods through Google’s body. His head, his torso etc etc. Yes you heard me right iron rods. I had only read about such things. 

I shudder thinking about it today. There was another dog with Google, she was bound in a gunny bag and beaten to die in a trash yard. Fortunatly there were a few kind people who didn’t let this slip by. They rescued both the dogs. To my knowledge the female dog died. But Google with a little bit of luck and the love of some kind people was healed back. These so called respected people who harmed the animals still walk around with their heads held high in the colony. 

Google in spite of the cruelty inflicted on him, greets humans with love. His love doesn’t amaze me. It’s what God has given all of us. What amazes me is the capacity of people to be cruel, the belief that no one has the right to live but them. It is disheartening. Not everyone has to love an animal but you can surely respect their right to life and space!

Google is now is about 11 – 12 years old. I feed him every night, his favourite food is chicken and rice or meat and rice with egg. He doesn’t like milk and roti he looks at me sadly if he is served that.  Sometimes I worry if I am no longer around who will look after him. But silly me, I am no one to look after anyone, God is the mother and father and sustainer. 

My request to all of you please watch out for the animals around your area. Awareness can help  creatures that cannot speak. You need not do anything but inform local animal groups if you see animal cruelty. Be kind to them they will only return it with love.

And yes #nomore50. That’s not the cost of life. And I certainly hope you all liked meeting my friend Google. Maybe one day you can meet him in real life:)

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