I was in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai alongwith my elder brother, in the midst of an extremely difficult decision-making. My younger sibling, Vikash lay in the hospital bed battling a rare type of cancer. His cancer was in the fourth stage and had spread to almost 90% of his body. He had completed his chartered accountancy a year back and we had had a great celebration. My father had passed away when we were still in school, and we brothers had made great efforts to make him a C.A. Now all our struggles were going to end and we looked forward to a great and exciting life. This is when the cancer struck. The doctors at TMH announced that they can prolong his life by a few months, but that would entail a continuous administration of chemotherapy and radiation besides a brain surgery. With heavy heart, we decided to take him to Jamshedpur, my hometown, so that he could spend his last days peacefully. Truly, his last days were very peaceful and joyful. We talked and remembered our childhood incidents, our fights, our joys and everything. After 15 days, his condition suddenly deteriorated and we knew the time has come. We admitted him in the local hospital at Jamshedpur, where he passed away after a few days. Among us three brothers, Vikash had been the most naughty. He was my dad’s favourite. But with the passing away of my father, Vikash underwent a great transformation. From a naughty child and a weak student, he had transformed to an extremely sensible, intelligent and obedient boy. To lose him was akin to losing a loving son. To say that I was devastated, would be an understatement. After performing his last rites, I returned home – my whole world shattered and with a feeling of deep emptiness.

While my bro was at home, before he was admitted to hospital, I had come across a small book on Sai Baba. Reading it gave me a deep inspiration to chant the holy name of Sai Baba. While my brother slept, I would hold his hand and mentally chant the name of Sai Baba. Nobody knew about this except me. For hours together, I would chant in this way. This continued at home and also when he was admitted in the hospital. After the passing away of my brother, a cousin of mine remarked that one night in the hospital, Vikash had suddenly woken up and told him, “tell shailesh, to meet Sai Baba”. Those were his last words. After this, he went into coma never to wake up again. When my cousin later told me about this, I was stunned and speechless. My brother had never been spiritual and naturally was not expected to have spoken such. What he wanted to convey, shall always remain a mystery. It took me years to get over his loss; but I always found solace that the last words he uttered, was a sort of divine message for me. His loss made me embark on a spiritual search, a journey which has finally brought me to our beloved Swamiji. Indeed, I have come to my Sai Baba. I can now look up and say, bro, I am about to fulfil your wish. Jai Shri Hari !!!

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