So , freezing to see the eyes of people with no hopes and a bitter silence. Which may be so still. But some where we know who bad it can make them.
Remember the time when your heart fallen for an ice –cream, a dress, a boy or a girl. I guess you know that it will last forever. How beautiful was that feeling of being loved and wanted. But as we are being consumed by age. We start build this notion of being alone.

Right now the rain is so hard, that it blurs all the noise and you can just listen to the rain. It is beautiful, to a certain extend. Somehow, the noise should settle and you should at least be audible to your voice. If it’s not happening, scream or fiddle to have a gasp the air. So that you can live for a bit longer.

“Sometimes, silence bring effective farness then fights.” And we tend to follow this FAD so promptly, that we don’t want to clear anything. We just pass away emotionally and mentally. Being presently present does not much difference,Maybe you know or don’t know dear…..!!!! The thought of it has arrived and for many passed away ….

We are left totally and completely to the journey of life. which we believe to march alone. Till how long? Please ask yourself. You will see yourself returning empty hands and what a way to live when you have nothing to eat. What we will give to other?

It’s not always the other person; they have fallen out off it. We are sometimes the one, who have nothing to offer. This is one life. Please keep your hands full and free as required. People will meet you, In many ways just keep your heart and ways open.