It was drizzling outside. There was a sheer emotion of seeing the lord with his true magnificence. Sometimes it seems like He resembles everything pervades every inch of place and controls all there is; but still the sword of doubt cuts the unaware state of conscience in to pieces. The see-sawing of the mind between faith and doubt becomes clear once in a while. I was also no different. Entangled with the emotions of true faith as well as true surroundings (limited to senses) I was trying to build up my mind and as well as build up my lord as told by my parents and as written in sacred texts. As a child I was fascinated with the scientific developments all round and I was accepting the authority of Science and scientific discoveries all above. The spiritual side of the world was introduced to me by my parents and ancestors with a long lineage of true faith devotees from both the sides. At first it seemed unacceptable and ridiculous but as a child my mind was unripe and immature. I did not know at that time that with age I was going to have so much more rich experience reinforcing my spiritual longing to know and feel my lord to an apex level. When I look into my childhood days it still mesmerizes me and the course of events that happened next still amazes me to the bottom of my heart. That day was a special day. The idols of the lords were under the open sky and I was eagerly waiting to pay him a visit to have a look on the idols. In those days my father had only a motor cycle and we decided to go on that motor-cycle to see the lords. As evening approached I prepared my-self for the visit and tried to focus on the things that I was going to ask the lord as blessings. My mother prepared the snacks and I desperately ate the evening snack and wore a good pair of cloths and ran to the motor cycle and waited there for my father to come. I was being impatient waiting for my father and a pinch of anger and irritation touched my mind. I thought to myself why it is taking so long for him to come. Nevertheless it ended and we both rode the motor cycle to have a glimpse of our dear lord. When we reached there it was difficult for me to have a clear look on the lords due to large gathering of crowds. The conglomeration was so immense that despite my best efforts I failed to have a satisfying look on the lords. Soon a saddening gloom filled my heart and I could foresee that I was going to return home without having to see the lords. I was sinking and with a heavy heart I spontaneously murmured to my beloved lord in my mind”O my dear lord won’t I be able to see your beautiful face today?”, With this thought in my mind I started to return back. Suddenly a seer sense of attraction jolted me. What happened next is hard to describe in words and is safe in my feelings only, still I am trying my level best to pen it down. Suddenly the public around me subsided and I could see a very satisfying view of the lords despite my small height. I felt while watching the idols as if they have come to life and they all are watching me and me only, their eyes were constantly on me as if they had bent their necks to look at me. Simultaneously I was feeling a very strong sense of magnetic attraction towards the deities. The alive round eyes were all over me and the lord was pulling me with an unfathomable sense of attraction. On that day in a small fraction of time the miracle which my intellectual and logical portion of mind desperately needed to prove the existence of the lords happened. I was awe stricken and I could not comprehend what just happened. A large portion inside me changed and I thought to myself with a clear heart “So He exists after all and He listens too; AND ANSWERS”.