I was in class 7 and the female hormones had just started setting inn when my father took me for the movie vo Saat din at a movie hall so that i don’t miss my mom who had gone for a sight seeing duty as a tour guide in Delhi! We watched this debut movie of Prem Pratap Patiyale waala ( Anil Kapoor) and some thing happened in my heart,which had never happened earlier!                                                       A thousand roses bloomed and i felt a strong attraction towards him ,infact i kept thinking of him all the time ,the interest in burgers,patties and pastries which would follow the movie seemed tasteless and non exciting,i never knew how to convey it to my Father ( my best freind), any ways finishing the movie and our supper at Golden fiesta bakery in busy Lajpat Nagar Central market we headed towards our home ,from the opposite side on wrong lane was driving a Sardar ji who had this disease of eppillepsy and he banged his 2 wheeler straight into ours ,both me and my father fell on the road and i hurt my nose so badly that the bleeding just did not stop .             Infact some good samatarians parked our 2 wheeler on side and sent us in auto to an Angel Dr who stiched my nose and i looked like a Joker with big White Bandage on it! My heart ,eyes and mind thoughts were still in remembering Prem Pratap Patiyale waala ( never did i know another patiyala hero will be a dream man for me).                                                      Going the next day with a bandaged nose to school was an empathy, sympathy aswell some mocking experience! The day was our sports day ,being over weight and over sized i was ofcourse not selected for any event but when the Chief guest Kapil Dev the then captain of Indian cricket team came he out of compassion just gave me an autograph on my palm! He asked me how i hurt my nose and made me sit near him for the whole event too, from an average student ,I became a celebrity one !                        As the sports event finished and we were heading towards our school buses a White Mercedes just stopped near our school gate and guess what Anil Kapoor ( my dream man) stepped down with a fat large kid ( now do i get to know it was Arjun Kapoor his nephew).He enquired the principal s office for admission. I rushed to him and Said i love you Prem Pratap Patiyale waale! He in his Jhakaas style just tapped my head and smiled.Time buses honked there last horn for kids to board them…ohh how my heart was smiling and crying together!