The moment I entered the Sri Badrika Ashram for the first time
I was eager and curious
My heart running a marathon
Where my soul was on roller coaster ride
My body aching with scars of life
But only thing that’s alive in my heart is love for God
That’s the only inspiration behind my arrival
At the sacred place – “Vaikunth” on Earth
Journey taken for the sake of love
In devotion
But not knowing
How to tread it
How to move

naïve and humble
Devotional vulnerability in soul
It’s the love of Bhagwan
Holding my hand
Keeping me close to his bossom
Bonding together


A loving bond that was built stronger and deeper
With each moment
With heart felt talks with beloved Bhagwan
To sweet nok jhok

To lovely expressing of love of mine and Bhagwan
from wearing same dress color to smiling together
which always amaze me


From soothing me in my sad moment
To raising my spirits
and making me understand


From sweet cute cute funny punishments
To beautiful expressions of praise..


From loving to crying in my pain
a moment that made me feel that
Even God feel the pain of his children
And cry in pain too
A tear that rolled out
Will remember always
And to oath to make God Happy always
As for me happiness of God
is what matters the most.

  I love you Bhagwan ji.



Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om