I have stayed in many places in india as my Father was in IAF . But my best memories of childhood comes from Gujarat ( Vadodara) few incident I would like to Share with you .

I used to stay in Darjipura Airforce station Such a beautiful place our govt. Quarter was very big with both side Garden front or back . I don’t know how Darjipura look like these days but on my time (1999) it was a pure Jungle even some times people saw Tigers as well out side the fencing. A very huge Golf course was also there in the station.

Fire in the Forest
So once we children were playing cricket and our ball went outside the fencing me and two other friends went to Searching for ball in dry small plants and bushes but couldn’t find it so we decided why don’t we light these bushes with fire and clean them i went to my home and came back with match stick and I light the fire but within few seconds that fire became so huge like fire in the whole forest it drew attention of all the families of the quarters Everyone was running away with buckets of water to douse the fire. Everyone was shouting  aag lag gai Sharma k ladke ne ye kya kr diya 
I got so scared that i ran and hide in my house until  the fire is extinguished

JUNGLE JALEBIPithecellobium dulce, commonly known as Manila tamarind, Madras thorn, or camachile,

I used to eat so much jungle jalebi as so many  tree was inside the camp . After school it took me 2-3 hr to reach home even though the distance was just 10 mins away but 
Me and my friend used to go to the forest midway and pluck the Jungle jalebi from the tree and eat it. Our mother had to come looking for us to take us home.

Its my favorite fruit ever but never saw this fruit  in any market or anywhere in India for sale . Its taste is still on my tongue.

It was a matter of 2001 a heavy earthquake came in Gujrat . Bhuj was the most affected area but in Vadodara too we could feel the sensation . I still remember it was Wednesday our PT (physical training ) day in  school so while doing exercises in morning assembly suddenly earth started moving our PT teacher was saying are waah  tumne toh dharti hila di then our Vice principal said on mic its earthquake befkoof everyone was so frightened it last for few minutes but that moment was unforgettable for me . It seemed that the earth could explode at any time.