What you are going to read here is a 29-year-old married man’s understanding of menstruation. Oh no, I do not have the first-hand experience of menstruation as I belong to the privileged half of the human population. Without much ado, here I go.

Once in my early teens, I had a minor cut on my finger while chopping an onion. And soon, two drops of dark red liquid fell on the ground “Tap-Tap”. And with that, I too was in no time hugging the floor. I had blacked out. Also, I was constantly saying to my sister that I am feeling dizzy while she was addressing my wound. But she didn’t pay any heed to it as the cut was minute. Before she could hold my heavy body, I was on the floor. From now on, whenever I say I am dizzy, everyone takes me seriously.

Actually, I have a prolonged history of blacking out. Once, I had a high fever and fainted on the stairs; the other time, I was standing in a crowded bus and soon found myself seated. Actually, my brain is quite active in that way; it likes to shut down quite soon and save me from the pain. So, I should be thankful to it, I guess.

Now, this is how I got an idea about writing this article. My wife uses a menstrual cup to hold the dark red liquid during her periods. Once after her periods, she had soaked the cup in warm water for sanitization. I was pretty curious and wanted to know the capacity of the cup. It turned out that it can hold up to 20ml of the dark red liquid. Now, this got me more curious. I thought that once the cup is inserted, you would be at peace of mind for the next five days because 20ml is quite an amount. But, when I asked my wife how often you need to empty the cup, she told me with a somewhat surprised look that it is at least twice every day. On listening to this, the light had already started appearing dimmer. So that means that in the five days, about 200ml of the dark red liquid is lost. What? It surely can’t be. Google at the rescue. My search terms: “the amount of dark red liquid loss during menstruation”. And it turns out that on average, a woman loses around 40ml of the dark red liquid, while it can go up to 80ml. I have a fantastic bottle of Fountain pen ink from Diamine, and the name of the ink is Oxblood, and the bottle’s capacity is 80ml. You must try that ink; it is nothing but fabulous.

So this is my summary of menstruation. Every month, a woman loses around 40 to 80ml of dark red liquid during the five days of her period. While continuously losing the liquid, she manages to handle all the day to day chores just like a normal day, and in my home, she also goes running. And the most astonishing miracle is that hardly any woman blacks out during those days. And here I am, having lost a couple of drops down to the ground.


From now if my wife dominates, I would let her. 🤣

P. S.: I may have hemophobia, and hence while reading replace the words “dark red liquid” with the word that rhymes with flood. 😜

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