If you are a fitness freak, you would love my idea of – 

Having a MENTAL FITNESS GYM Chain, like there is ‘Anytime Fitness’ Gyms Chain through out the globe. ( As I was told).

I have a very sincere feeling / wish since many years to contribute in – “MENTAL FITNESS” field. Once, some 10 years back, I started giving telephonic support free of cost. Had to stop as I don’t have any degree in the field. And I was told that this may land me in legal trouble in case someone attempts suicide.  Honestly saying, I got scared and dumped my cherished dream there and then itself.

Nowadays people are crazy after going to gym, same way there is a serious need for mind fitness gyms as well.

So, here I float this idea among all of us. Let us take it further.  I am sure, under the able guidance of Swamiji, with the hardwork of all devotees, this is doable.

To begin with me, my thoughts are like –

  • I open my home for a branch of such a mental fitness gym.
  • I open my heart to be a human library (as a member shared on this platform itself )
  • A 60 minutes uniform schedule can be set that includes deep breathing, laughing, talking, listening sessions etc.
  • ……..
  • ……..

Friends,  telephonic sessions of counseling is an established practice of this area. My thoughts are to some how carry it further. A place for physical togetherness. For this a CEO material brain is required who knows how to convert an Idea into an Establishment. I wish I had that expertise . I lack it so much.😔

Anyways, let’s envoke this idea with a collective effort. 

Let’s take the discussion further and keep it alive.  Do share your views please. Contribute your ideas as well.