After heading back home, I eagerly unzipped my backpack and pulled out the books that I had borrowed from the library earlier. 

I felt proud of myself for trying to be more productive, but little did I know what I was signing up for, as a couple of years later I’d dedicate a significant part of my life to reading, buying, and promoting books among people. 

I went ahead and grabbed the tinkle comics, as it felt like a natural choice for laymen like me, and I didn’t want to put an end to my new hobby before it even began by picking an intimidating read for the first go, O’ Henry could wait.

Tinkle comics share a special bond with me which dates back to my childhood, roughly when I was in 6th standard. One of my dad’s friends handed me a thick copy of Tinkle double digest when I met him during the inauguration ceremony of our Tailor shop.

I was awestruck staring at the pictures inside the book, though my comprehension skills were poor back then, I fairly understood the stories and thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I went about reading the book for a couple of weeks, over and over, grasping more with every read, but never feeling bored of it. 

Finding those quirky yet iconic pictures of Shikari Shambo, Chamataka, and Suppandi once again on the striking yellow cover page inside the rack at my college library flooded me with nostalgic flashbacks of childhood.

I couldn’t contain myself but pick it up as a reflex, Now as I flipped through the pages at home and started reading my favorite characters once again after so many years, it gave me a feeling of reuniting with my long-lost friends. 

Minutes turned into hours, yet I kept reading.

(To be continued….)

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