Let’s go back and see our ancestor,when they have not so many gadgets like smartphone,telivision, video games etc.                                       

They were woking for living only,because they don’t have phone on which they can busy for all day.

They were mently strong than us but now a day’s are working only our physical health in zym not on mental health we see it’s reasult depression,not well sleeping,restlesnes.It is said that science is a boon but using anything more than a limit causes it’s bad effect we should use phones for 2 to 3 hours in a day,not make usless chats,calls.Ok now you will say what rubbish he is saying.

Then,ok for some day don’t see your phone screen waking up do all daily regular work and sat down on any peacefull place with relaxable mind and just do only one thing take breath in and out relaxily.After some time,some days you will feel the change you will know that you were wasting your life precious moments in useless work which were not necessary for for your living.

Now it’s your choice which one is better.


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