From the big bonga black box shaped buffalow land line phones with a typical sound of tring tring the technology revolution changing phone to sleek feather weight dandy model looking girlfriend with immasurable nakhraas and choicest of ring tones! From Temple pramukh Bhatia uncle s phone bell ringing ‘ Om sai namo namah satguru sai namo namah”, to Arora uncle who works as a cashier in State bank of India and has put different ring tones for his family members to recognize whos calling him and how early to take the call ,so for his wife the song plays ‘aaja tujhko pukaare mere geet re ! ” , to his sons call as ‘Tunak tunak tun taa naa na” Nd his old Mother call s ring tone being
.” Maaa aei maa”! Then there is Bablee aunty who calls a crocodile at zoo Lacoste ,her ring tone is ” Hawa hawaai” the famous cine star Sridevi song! How can we forget our kids rickshaw puller uncle Majid s phone tune, Naam abdul hei mera sab ki khabar rakhtaa hoo’ , and the boring Rahul who has the beep beep ring tone ! Ring tones can be as interesting as…Maalik phone uthaao to dialouge of Sunny deol as ring tone ‘ ye dhaee kilo kaa haath uthtaa nahi uth jaata hei”to beutiful Krishna s flute and melodious guitar sound or even s opening piano music! A Ring tone can elevate or irritate the non owner listening to the pleasant or weird tone! Like in hospital if ring tone ‘ bihaar hile laaa ‘ plays from treating doctor s lab coat of a patient in ,what impression does it create
Then there are the no nonsense people who usually keep their phone on silent or vibrations mode or the boring ones too who continue to use the regular Nokia tune! Whats your ring tone music?

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