Like many Geniuses who have done theisis in food ,i have opened my fridge more than i have opened my books! In mornings for neemboo for healthy lemon water day start to mid morning for apples as healthy eat to afternoon for taking out aata to roll rotis and make thandaa Sharbat ,in evening for taking out milk to make Chai and at night to keep left over food! Fridge is our most under rated loyal freind , has any one wondered what our home North pole Antarctica wants to convey to us? Lets see what our Coool companion feels…

1.At mid night when we open the refrigerator it must be saying…no courtsey do they have ,dont let me rest too! 2At morning when we open it to think what to cook, the refrigerator whispers..look at her expressions as if trying to solve all riddles of life ,seeing me in amazement! 3When we keep extra cooked food to freeze our refrigerate would chat with them…do u think im a bank and u a fixed deposit to be used in time of need! 4 when at times we go to get something from frige and forget what we had gone to take ,the fridge must be muttering… u think there is a chef in fridge who cooks your raw vegies to delicacies? 5 when we keep above our fridge keys, clips,pins ,rubberbands or candle And match stick ..our fridge might like to shake vigorously and say ,do u think this is a tokri on head of a sabji waala? 6 when we freeze home made ice cream ,kulfi ,jelly or custard and keep checking every 15 minutes whether they have gone cold our frige must be mocking our impatience……
7 when we bang our fridge door in anger with an argument on who fills bottles of water and who keeps empty water bottles after drinking them ,our fridge would feel like punching us back. 8 when all things are stored on top shelf for laziness of not bending down ,the fridge will shout back….please get some active! 9 when we must be keeping some foreign chocolates in the fridge,the refrigerator would murmur…his firangee chachaa ,mama aur mausi are here..
10 When we keep frozen food in fridge the fresh vegie section must be teasing them on..
U ll not get the visa to their stomach soon! 11 When we must be keeping very little food quantity back in fridge he ll ask..does he think i m curd culture quality and will multiply myself! 12 When we keep lipstics ,nail polish and batteries which say keep in dark and cool space our refrigerator must be doing its make up too! 13 when we must be keeping daal ,masaala and dry ftuits in fridge it might scream…i m not an almira! Last but not the least when we surprise clean our fridge it would proudly declare…..14.Today i ll complete their BLACK LOTUS RAK. these are some of my fridge s and my intimate Chugleees, if yours does to u …hear them with attention and share in comments section.

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