The Journey to realise the Sadguru is never easy
He was standing besides me constantly
Never left me even for a moment
He was there from the time I came in this body
Shared everything only with Him
Cried silently in His laps
Got angry when I felt “Why I have to go through this?”
In joy, danced on His laps
Every story I used to tell Him first
Every morsel of prasadam first I used to eat and then same half used to give it to Him
He never denied it
Infact looking at me lovingly He always ate it
I always took Him for granted
The way we take for granted our parents
I had even cursed Him for my failures, for my suffering
I never realised that even He was crying seeing my suffering
The quest of Guru started in the outside world
Without realising that I am always blessed by my Sadguru’s presence which is always Divine
All the Guru’s were no different than Him
All of them guided me only towards Him
He was always calling me with open arms
“Come my Child, come now Home”
“Rest in my laps like before”
“I am waiting for you from when”
“Don’t look here and there, come to me again”
But, I was so angry on Him
How He let it happen what has happened with me
His eyes became moist and He said,” When your heart cried in pain, my soul shred tears like rain.”
I just looked in His eyes and realized I know Him from Eternity
And again, I became His child and slept in His laps…again till Eternity