Recently i have bought a guest house at Ochh ghat just opposite to Badrika ashram ,the highlight being my room s window with beutiful original Mughal art opening to River Giri and Swami ji s cottage just bang across it! Each morning the Sandalwood fragrance from ashram which comes through my window and the tinkling sound of Sri hari s anklets and the enchanting melodious voice of Lalita sahasranama at the Badrika ashram temple travel through my sacred window and fill my room ,me and my sorroundings with that intoxicating charm ,bliss and ecstacy! Oh the bright Soorya dev is also shy of Our Swamiji s radiance so he bows down with his orange rays and reflection river giri like thousand gold coins swimming and shimmering ! The silver Moon light makes my window look so mystical that i m sure one day  Krishna will come and claim his meera..