Numerous times in Swami Ji’s video we have heard a lot about the great Buddhist Saint, Milarepa. It is said that during his lifetime Milarepa sang many songs which were very deep in their meanings. I would like to present you with one of his songs.

A yogi who had great faith in Milarepa came with other patrons, bringing copious offerings and they asked Milarepa ” how he had managed to undergo the trials of his probationship and had exerted himself… ” Milarepa answered with…

  The Six Resolutions

When one has lost interest in this world,

His faith and longing for the Dharma is confirmed.

To relinquish one’s home ties is very hard;

Only by leaving one’s native land

Can one be immune from anger?

It is hard to conquer burning passions 

Towards relatives and close friends;

The best way to quench

Is to break all associations.

One never feels that one is rich enough;

Contended, he should wear humble cotton clothes.

He may thus conquer much desire and craving.

It is hard to avoid worldly attractions;

By adhering to humbleness,

Longing for vainglory is subdued.

It is hard to conquer pride and egotism;

So, like the animals,

Live in the mountains.

My dear and faithful patrons!

Such is the real understanding

That stems from perseverance.

I wish you all to practice the deeds that are meaningful,

And amass all merits!

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