Har Har Mahadev, I hope everyone is doing fine. Long time no see huh!? Well, I had to return this month, Mahashivratri is just around the corner isn’t it ;D. I was wondering about a topic to write on, as now a days I spend most of my time staring at numbers on my work laptop. Being an analyst in a financial giant sharpens your mind but it also takes a toll of your creativity. Or at least, I think it does. 😛 

But at last, I did end up finding a very interesting topic. Being a huge bibliophile, I am not a movie buzz , the only genre that interests me is science fiction and I am going to list out the ones I really love. And a sci-fi lover or not, I bet you will love them too! 

  1. Inception: This story is based on a very unique concept- Dreams and subconscious . Can someone steal your ideas from your subconscious mind while you are asleep? Can someone design your dreams and trick you into giving up secrets? This story revolves around an idea stealer Mr. Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio) He is an unique kind of thief who helps in multi-million corporate espionage by stealing ideas from people’s mind. All is well and good until someone promises him a huge reward for a mission, a reward that no money can buy. So Mr. Cobb sets in on a mission to create a layer of dreams for the sole purpose of planting an idea in the mind of a CEO. But what happens if he doesn’t wake up from the dream on time? He goes into Limbo- A never ending continuum of shared dreams.

   2. Lucy: We all know that we don’t use our brains to it’s 100% capacity but what happens if a human is capable of doing that? Lucy is the story of a young university student who gets tricked into smuggling drug for a mafia gang. The drug packet is stitched into her tummy and she is told that she will recover soon once she delivers the package. But the packet bursts in her stomach causing her body to absorb the chemical that unlocks the 100% capacity of the human brain and starts experiencing things that’s beyond human perception. What happens next? well, you will have to see for yourself!

3. Coherence : I feel that this is one of the most under-rated Sci Fi movies because it is so-so good that will keep you on your toes and will make you question the reality. Portraying a real life situation based on the famous concept Schrodinger’s cat, this story is about a group of friends who get together for dinner but the day they choose for their little party could not be worse! This particular night is special as a  comet is passing above earth, which is portrayed as an astronomical anomaly which causes their house and the occupants to intertwine with multiple such houses and occupants from other realities. Soon, strange things start to happen! As these people turns out to be strangers rather than friends. Turns out the comet created a space for parallel realities to collide. You will definitely have to google to understand the ending but it will be worth it! 

4. Interstellar: The Earth is dying and we need a new planet to continue and expand the human existence. NASA sends few of its most competent researchers, physicists and pilot  on the mission to find a new planet and to rescue two others who went on the exact same mission but did not return back to earth. But what’s the catch? The catch is, space is filled with things that we have no idea about, from blackholes to wormholes to unknown planets. And of course, every second they spend in this mission is causing them hours on Earth. Will they be able to figure out the math and make it back in time?

5. Triangle: In high hopes of blowing off steam, the waitress and single mother, Jess, decides to go on a sailboat trip with friends. Which turns out to be the biggest nightmare of her life. Soon the boat gets hit by a storm and just when they think they are going to die, a massive, abandoned cruise comes to the rescue. But Jess, keeps getting the feeling that she has been of this cruise before. Seeing a lifeline, the survivors climb onto the cruise and the horror begins when they realise they are stuck in a time-loop that repeats itself when everyone on the ship is killed. The ship also seems to have certain areas that have experienced the same incident multiple times. But why is this happening?  Jess realise that she hadn’t boarded the ship to blow off some steam but to prevent her son from dying !

Although I have more on my list but I hope you enjoy these ones for now! Any suggestion for Sci-fi movies are more than welcome in the comments section. Always looking forward to more.