December 2021 was a wonderful month, and we were on holiday in the middle of India. Open spaces, clear skies, days spent basking in the sun. Everything was healing, especially after the smog of Gurgaon. (Why do I even live here?) I spent all day just enjoying the plants, birdsong, the laughter of children, good food eaten outdoors. At night, there was a nip in the air, and a bonfire seemed just perfect.
Holiday is cut short because there is a fear that Omicron in spreading like wild fire and so we should head back home. And so we do, double masked, face shields etc.  All is good for a few days, and then Covid attacks and I am the first victim at home. Yes, it was not very harsh or troublesome, and was managed at home and I am just coming out of it.
There is talk of this strain, called Omicron, being “just like the flu”…… yes, pretty much the same. And i recalled how almost every year, as far back as I can remember, we did get colds, coughs and fever in the winter. There was chest congestion and all that went with it…..but no one fussed about it……you took your medicines and gargled…..and you were not afraid. 
Cut to present times….Fear is a big factor.  This is the big add-on. And since I have had so much time to myself in isolation, it seems to me that Fear pretty much rules our lives. As a child you have fear of the dark, punishment, your teacher, a strict parent….oh, so many fears that settle in deep and you may grow out of some, but there are more fears to add on, at every stage of life. All through life, we fear rejection, loss of all sorts, fear of failure…….just so much fear.
So I thought of making a list of what my fears are, and working around them. I don’t know how successful I will be to actually uproot them from my system, but just thinking of getting rid of some is so encouraging. Just imagine how wonderful and how light it would feel to not have to fear disapproval or judgement or loss….
Is it actually possible?