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A Friendly Calling Initiative

How many times have you felt how nice it would have been if there was someone with whom you could talk and share your thoughts freely? Is there someone with whom you can share your thoughts? If yes, that’s great! But I think most don’t have one. We may have hundreds of social media friends, but people who will understand us are rare, isn’t it? 

So, a thought came to my mind. I am going to start a Calling Initiative

Whoever wants to talk to me, can call me, and can share their thoughts with me.

I hope I’ve scared you enough 😎. Just kidding. Well, hear me completely. Here are the FAQs for you:

∆ What’s The Initiative? 

This is a not-for-profit and a friendly calling initiative. Anybody who wishes to talk to me and share their thoughts, can directly call me, and I’ll try to be of help in whatever way I can. 

∆ Why This Initiative? 

There are many who lack guidance and mentor-support. And there are others who simply feel cut-off from the world and don’t get the help to share their problems, fears, difficulties and matters of deep emotional and spiritual import. This initiative is to help such fellow human beings in whatever capacity I can. 

∆ What Are The Conditions?

Well, everything comes with Terms & Conditions, right? So, here are mine:

I. Who Can Call? 

Ans: Anybody. Of any age. 

II. When Can Someone Call? 

Ans: Every Sunday. Sunday will be best for me, and anyway, Sunday is everybody’s holiday, right? 

III. How Long Can You Talk To Me?

Ans: I am available for 1 and 2 hours. Is that enough? If someone wishes to talk more, I’m okay with it, just drop an email. I’ll definitely give you the extra time. 

IV. On What Topics One Can Talk?

Ans: This is important. So, please, note. I am not interested in political, controversial or any kind of entertainment talks. 

These are the topics I’m interested in:

  • Spirituality
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Support
  • Psychological Help
  • Philosophical Discussion
  • Life Questions
  • General Advice
  • Or when you just need a friend.

V. On Which Platform One Can Talk?

Ans: Through voice or video calls. And if one wishes, through e-mail and whatsapp/Telegram chat.

VI. How To Connect With Me?

Ans: Just send me an email with the Subject: Mind Talks. My email:


Give your basic introduction, and mention when and how you’d like to connect with me. I’ll arrange the time-slot as per your convenience. 

After I receive your email, I’ll share my personal contact numbers with you. 

VII. What Are The Time-slots? 

Ans: I am available at these 3 time-slots: [All timings are in Indian Standard Time(IST)]

  1. Morning Session: 11:00 A.M—12:00 P.M 
  2. Afternoon Session: 4:00 P.M—6:00 P.M 
  3. Night Session: 7:00 P.M—8:00 P.M 

VIII. Are There Any Charges Or Fees? 

Ans: Absolutely not! As I’ve already mentioned, this is a not-for-profit initiative. You only have to give your time and your trust—that’s all. 

IX. What Makes Me Qualified To Talk To?

Ans: Let me answer that also. I have some unofficial/non-professional experience of helping people related to the topics I mentioned above. 

Five days ago, I wrote this article: Nothing Is A Problem In Life, Everything Is A Challenge. If you read that article, you’d know, I mentioned there about a ‘fellow brother’ with whom I have good ties. I’ve been guiding him for a few years now. 

There is a friend of mine, who is four or five years older than me. He used to come to me to discuss various things. He used to question me a lot. This went on for almost 6 years. Our discussions usually revolved around spirituality. 

And there is a cultural society here, where I live. I am a member of that society. The society organizes indoor cultural events round the year. And I am a regular speaker there.

Well, this is my teeny-tiny experience. The truth is, I am not certified by any institution. I don’t have any professional degree. But I am a teacher, and an aspirant for higher studies in Psychology. Besides this, I study spirituality. I read regularly and now on this wonderful platform, I am getting the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all. 

Here’s my short bio (So that you know who you are going to talk to) :

> An introvert.

> A male of 27+.

> A govt. primary teacher.

> A Bengali by birth. I can also speak in Hindi and English. 

> A student of Psychology & Spirituality.

> Likes: reading, writing, learning new things and discussing ideas. 

Does this look like my matrimonial ad? I wonder…🤔 

Anyway, there’s one more question I’ll answer for you.

∆ What’s My Motive?

Ans: There is a motive. And it is to be good at professionally helping others. Because, in the future, I’m looking forward to being a psychologist someday. I need experience. And besides, would it not be wonderful to make new friends? 

∆ Last Words

If you don’t need my help, that’s perfectly fine, but if there is someone who you think needs help, you can tell them. I’ll try my best to guide them. But, it may be that in some situations, I can’t help at all. In that case, I’ll advise them to seek professional advice. 

OS.ME has a feature called Hotline, where you can seek life guidance. You can seek that guidance as well. In fact, I’ll advise you to do so before you connect to me. I am not a professional. I can only help you as a friend. If you need professional help, you must seek it. But If you need a friend who would listen to you without any judgement and bindings, you can count on me. I promise, I’ll not break your trust! 

And yes, our talks will be private. I’ll never share them anywhere. 

See you. 🙂

Looking forward to a great experience together!

Thank You.
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