Borrowing light,
casting nets,
pretending to bring riches,
the mind burns us
with the feverish heat of desire.

Melting into a million thoughts,
it hides its secret in one of them.

Sending its essence into the peaceful nothingness,
turning it into a cold dark nether,
the trap’s laid.

With roots unreachable and mysterious,
the mind spins new stories,
keeping us enthralled in the make-believe.

Hoping we squander our moments,
within its bounds,
and remain,
out of reach.



Like two magnets clinging,
hoping to meet the horizon of forever, 
loyal thoughts magnetized by desire,
never leave our warmth.

Pushing time away,
onto easier prey,
they grow
like parasitic creepers on a brick edifice.

Time fears the day when it is sent back,
to undo those vines,
and reclaim bricks for its master,
the mud that never dies.



A drop from the ocean of patience watches,
as thoughts fight heartbeats,
the heart and mind grow distant.

Retreating, the drop waits,
for the moment that welds them together,
to infuse both with a gift,
life’s essence,
worn forever as the soul.



Evading words,
filtering through wafer-thin feelings of aliveness,
flickers of consciousness work the background,
keeping our hearths running and warm.

As boisterous perspectives take the stage,
making the unreal compelling,
we are lost,
in a jungle of words when asked,

What is consciousness?