Today’s divine task.. 

We always wait for a task given by our Master and try to abide by it.

He has asked us to be Mindful with our Speech for a week.

What is Mindful Speech?

Mindful speech means that you are aware whilst you are speaking – you have developed the capacity to truly observe what, and how you are 

On Zoom meeting today, Swamiji has given us a task to be Mindful In Speech which is to be done for a week.

So this is how I am going to begin,

  •  purify my hands and mouth
  • think of Guru on crown chakra
  • take water in my hands with some rice
  • Take the following sankalpa:

I jayshree Om, disciple of Om Swamiji, born on 12-01-79, vow to be mindful of my speech, (in words, thoughts and tone) for the next one week. I am doing so for my spiritual development. May the Universe and my Guru be with me and help me through this.

  • Put the water in the plant.
  • Say my gratitude to the team, Swamiji and SriHari.

When in doubt, I always message our community members for clarity. Of late I realised that they understand me the most. My frequency matches with them. So after the divine Satsang, I messaged Amarendraji Om for a perfect Journal. 

I thought I have taken the vow, but I need to journal it well for my self-development and this is how we can change habits. In order to change the neurological pattern, we have to do self introspection and measure where we stand. 

So, this is what Amarendraji  kindly shared with me. Pic is at the end

In case the headings are not clear, here it is in points:

  1.  Did I say what I meant? Y/N, Explain briefly if N
  2. Did I speak the truth? Y/N, explain briefly if Y
  3. Did I hurt someone by my speech? Y/N, explain briefly if Y
  4. Did I raise my voice? Y/N , explain briefly if N
  5. Did I keep my words given to somebody? Y/N, explain briefly if N

You are free to add or subtract the headings.. and i will be glad if you write on the comments section in case I am missing out on any points.

Let’s do it.. Let’s be mindful of our speech for a week and see if we can maintain that in the future. I am sure it will make us better earthlings and help the world at large.

Nelson Mandela: “When people are determined, they can achieve anything”

Let us all commit and determine ourselves with this divine task given by our beloved Swamiji. 

As His latest blog says it all, is the link

Happy Journaling.

Featured Image from Unsplash: John paul Henry