How many times in your day you show your forgetfulness nature? And how you amuse yourself after missing some sort of activities, may be mental or physical, due to your infrequent forgetful nature? Watch your flow of thoughts and count how many times other thoughts intervene and take your mind away, and then you suddenly realise you are awestruck in the web of thoughts in your mind? How many times you try to sit in a asana with expectations of maintaining absolute Sakham and sthiram?

It happened yesterday night that I was hit on my top head in a door. The entrance door was cut-short as the adjacent road height had increased. The height of the door is not good enough to make a way for a person of good height, he has to bow down to accommodate himself. I know this fact, but was unmindful yesterday night and bang!!! My 6 months mindfulness practise went for a toss. Speaking frankly I was more injured with my forgetfulness nature, rather not being mindful, than the physical injury, and I condemned myself. This taught me big lesson – alertness, it’s not forgetfulness but alertness, that caused me the physical injury. May be both of them. Once you are alert at every moment, it automatically elevates your mindfulness nature. For me, harnessing mindfulness nature is like worshipping God. As it teaches me how to live a life on every moment on daily basis with no past and future. I failed to show my devotion to God, last night.



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