*Mindfulness In Our Digital Lives*
The smartphone, the laptop and now, the smart watch, are all filled with a constant stream of distractions. If the mind is always engaged in something, without a single moment of pause or reflection, it becomes jaded, unable to experience life with wonder and curiosity. There should always be a limit as well as our personalized efforts to not get affected badly by our own actions.

*One Click At a Time*                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Instead of being egocentric and forever trapped in the cycle of voyeurism and narcissism on the many social media platforms, we need to use digital technologies to streamline and solve the many real challenges the world is grappling with. Social injustice, inequality, environmental degradation and other serious issues facing humanity must find their way into our clicks. Instead of being a slave to algorithms, we need to get technology to work for the greater good and be mindful of what we do online all the time.
Even if we cannot do something, at least we can say something.

*A Healthy Relationship With Technology*
We need to ask ourselves the following:                                                                                                                                                                                                              1.What is my actual experience with technology? It includes how we feel, when we scroll through the news, or social media feeds.
2.What goes on in my body when I use technology? We need to pause and notice how we breathe or if we are holding our breath or standing in a wrong posture just because we are engaged with our phone.
3.Does everything need a solution? Tech solutionism refers to viewing everyday activities and experiences as problems, and then trying to fix them with technology. Everything is not a problem that needs optimization.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. I will come back tomorrow