Recently I was going through a book on mindfulness- The Miracle of Mindfulness, written by a great proponent on this subject, HH THICH NHAT HANH. It is a miraculous book. The content of the book looks easy while reading, but the intent has far reaching impact. The book will blow your mind away. The book is easy to read but difficult to digest if you want to get into the core of it. You hardly find people who can explain things in such a lucid way for the larger interest of the community. He is a genius, per se. Anyone who reads his book or listen to his discourses, will be overwhelmed by the explanation. The importance of practising Mindfulness, is the theme of the book. 
In my IT life, we encounter issues very frequently which seems very difficult to understand and then to provide solution. Panicky and stress easily grips in leading to physical  and mental imbalance. Yesterday I came across one such issue. Looking at the issue I was disappointed and was apprehensive that my day had gone for a toss. After lunch, I sat, as I had no other option but to find the reason behind the issue. I started debugging and gradually I got into the core of it, and eventually the issue was resolved. As usual, I was appreciated by my seniors.

The entire period, not for a single moment I was panicked or stressed out. Even not fearful considering what would happen if I fail to resolve. I was totally calm and composed inside me. There was not a drop of restlessness or tension in my mind. I was as totally engrossed into it.

I was so happy, not for resolving the issue but for doing it so mindfully, without any mental tension or stress. And at the end of the day, I was so refresh and slept well at night. I believe I am getting the fruit of practising mindfulness. It all happens because of Black Lotus and the inventor of this app. Pranaam Swamiji!!!