With my guru’s grace, I share with you something personal.

I am going through a very tough relationship with my only son. I have no idea what I have done, but I guess my son knows the best .

I have been doing my Black Lotus goals with pure dedication. It has changed me a lot. Earlier, I would react with my son a little bit, and we would not talk for days. As a mother, the pain I went through and am going through was immense.

However, this time when he visited us, my reactions were mindful. He was the same with me, he had not changed, but strangely, I had. How, I have no clue!

I was very mindful of my words and action towards him. I looked after all his needs without announcing it to him. Whether he noticed or not it did not matter to me.

I was doing my bit, what a mom should do. He ignored me, I controlled my thoughts mindfully. He never shared his plans of marriage with me. I did not let it affect me. He would share with his dad but not me, in front of me. I told myself he must have his reasons.

So all that I have learnt from my master I was applying it to the situation and I am at peace. I won’t say I am happy, I am in pain, but I accept it as a divine plan.

It’s his karma what he does to me, who am I to question it? Mindfulness in words, actions, thoughts and kindness gives you immense strength.

I breathe god’s strength and breathe out the service I can do to make anyone happy. The rest I leave to my master who I call my prabhuji .